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Staff Socialization/Interaction

Discussion in 'Game Dev' started by nobackseat, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. We should have a topic devoted entirely to staff and how they interact with each other.

    When a new staff member is introduced, does the owner/employer make sure they are introduced to everyone?

    As a staff member, have you seen someone hired before and you had no clue who they were?

    Do moderators work cooperatively or they do stay to themselves?

    Do artists unite on a style and communicate well?

    As an owner/staff member, have you had any problems between your staff members? What would/did you do?

    As a programmer, I have had to collaborate with plenty of programmers, and everything has gone well.

    What about you?

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  2. 1) I think that new staff members should always be introduced to everyone. There should also have an explination on what his roll is to the rest of the staff so they do not speculate.

    2)Yes I have seen this often and I find it is ridiculous. Everyone who works there should know who you art.

    3) All moderators should be working cooperatively. This is something I always try to push. If one person does something wrong and someone could have helped him then all the staff get the reprimand for it.

    4)Of course all staff have to fit a certain style and they must communicate with each other not to create two of the exact same pets or whatever.

    5)When you do have problems it is simple. You try talking to the staff member in question and any other staff member. You have to ensure that the problem gets solved as fast as possible and make sure everyone understands what the problem is and they strive to get better. Depending on the severity they will get reprimended
  3. I agree, as staff members may need to know who to contact in certain situations, too. Like, contact the new programmer for a major issue that a user told a moderator about.

    I don't understand your subjects in this sentence. If a user does something wrong, and then a staff member could've helped them, but didn't? Or a staff member did something wrong, and other staff members didn't help?

    For the former question, I suppose that does qualify as not doing one's job, but how could you prove that they actively witnessed it and what not. Either way, I believe reprimanding them is harsh, perhaps just a warning?

    For the latter, it sounds ridiculous. Each staff member should be capable of doing their own job, without needing a helping hand, especially if they aren't asking for it in the first place. It usually comes across as rude and condescending.

    Thanks for your input, gabzo!

  4. Sorry let me repeat. Let me say that a user needed help and asked for it. They would all get the reprimend for it because they all knew about it and could have helped him not just the one who "told him to fly a kite" as they say..

    Well reprimanding doesn't necessary meaning banning but for sure they would get a form or another.
    If a staff member tells a user to fly a kite and other staff witness I am sorry but they could eitheir
    1) tell the staff member in question
    2) try and help the user.

    Or else nothing will get done properly. Although,I rather they do number 1 first and then number 2.

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