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Subeta Review by Love

Discussion in 'Pet Games and Sims review' started by Organic, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. This is my review of the petsite called "Subeta". This review will be covering the following areas: Staff, Community, Navigation, Information, Pets, website functionality and Economy.

    Staff :

    The staff of Subeta are super duper quick and friendly at responding to your tickets. They are thorough and extremely effective in acknowledging and assisting you with whatever you need. Forums have always seemed a little bit lax to me in the moderation department but it seems to be one of the highlights of the game for people that they are able to say for the most part whatever they like. They have also been very good at enforcing their rules. I remember having a signature that was one pixel over the dimension limit and receiving a warning for it. That is a rule you don't have to worry about because it isn't a rule anymore but the point being they are very thorough and that is a good thing.
    Staff - A


    I personally am not hugely fond of the community as a whole. I remember a Subeta staff friend of mine referring to them as 'catty cheerleaders' and I thought that was a pretty fair description lol. My feelings aside though the community is very large and there is a huge variety of different topics that can absolutely suit the fancy of just about anyone. The forums are very active and engaging. If you accidentally say something someone doesn't agree with though you are probably voted off the island forever if you get what I mean. So there is a lot of potential and fun but you have to tread carefully.
    Community - C+

    The navigation is kind of disappointing to me on Subeta. While everything is there I frequently have browser/coding/something or other issues that make the drop down menus hide behind the banners and make them unclickable. It would be my opinion that all petsites SHOULD be able to function at least acceptably on Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox since the three basic computers that a user have could be Apple, Microsoft, and Ubuntu. I don't really think it's acceptable for a petsite to force you to use a browser of their choice. All of that being said generally speaking I use Safari or the mobile browsers (also safari i believe) on my iPhone or iPad. I'm not going to actually leave a rating here because I don't know how to fairly leave it. The navigation is there and is really nice but if you have the misfortune of not being able to click because of the banners your gonna feel like head desking as you frantically refresh and try to click before the banners load.

    Coolest thing ever! There is so much awesome information about Subeta at your fingertips everywhere. It is easy to find the answers to your questions. There is a lot of awesome user made guides, fansites, and information is always readily available.
    Information: A+ I really couldn't ask for anything more.



    Art on Subeta is undeniably gorgeous. There are a few pets that look wunky but it's mostly because they haven't been updated. As a whole the pets are gorgeous, the colors are gorgeous, and versatility of your pets in general is really cool. I don't know of any other sites off hand that offer treasure chests and such wonderful ability to edit their pages. Pets can really shine at Subeta.
    Pets - A

    Website Functionality:
    Overall bugs and glitches there really isn't many of. The features generally work as they should from what I can tell at the time of writing this review. There have been lots of bugs, glitches, lag etc... in the past but things seem to be pretty good right now. You CAN see a large amount of bugs and glitches in their known bugs and glitches forum but their issues really aren't game stopping wanna break your keyboard kinda problems :) I do really dislike the browser issues though like mentioned above in navigation. Subeta is just way to big with way to much good redeeming qualities to be forcing their users to play the browser of the month game. Keith has suggested a lot of different browsers over the years and for the majority of us casual computer users we know which browser we like and we don't want to be fiddling and tweaking things. Subeta by a basic definition is a website and it should be able to be viewed and used like other websites with any kind of MAIN browser (safari, explorer, firefox) Always appreciate the good tips of keeping our computer safe but ultimately don't FORCE us to see things your way yah know?
    Website Functionality - C

    Now I don't have a lot of things to buy or sell now a days so this bit isn't entirely from my perspective. My best RL friend who is VERY economically savvy complains about the economy on Subeta ALL of the time lol. Since I know my friend well though it is my perspective that in comparison to other games and as whole that by what he tells me it's a pretty good economy. His biggest gripes that he shares with me is prices jumping around 1,000sp (EVERY CENT COUNTS TO HIM LOL) and I personally think that's pretty good. My observations of the economy have been pretty good over the last couple years. After the 4chan attack the economy pretty much crashed for quite a while but after it got better Subeta hasn't done anything again to devalue things like they did in the massive giveaway after the 4chan attack. So I personally think the economy is AOK but you can take this section with a grain of salt! I won't give it a letter rating for that reason.

    Summary plus some extra info (TL;DR Version)
    Subeta has a huge community of people with a really healthy amount of different interests, cultures, and characteristics. There is a lot of site features and a lot of activities and plots that go on year round to keep a users attention. There is a ton of fansites and guides available to help you with anything you could possibly ever imagine. Their ticketing system allows staff to quickly and efficiently meet your staff related needs and are very friendly and thorough.

    Negatively, you may run across some 'catty cheerleaders' and have to run and hide for a bit unless of course you find your browser not compatible with Subeta in which case you will never make it to the forums anyway :)

    Overall, I think Subeta is an excellent petsite choice for most users. I think there is a lot of fun to be had there and there is always something interesting going on. I think potential users should definitely give it a shot but hey go in informed and know of potential problems because that will make your experience all the better :)
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    #1 Organic, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2012
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    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. @LoveLove Nice review, are you going to add in images of Subeta's art as well?
    #2 cpvr, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  3. @cpvrcpvr I will when I get my laptop working I just don't have any art program on my husbands computer to crop or any of that with unfortunately :(
    #3 Organic, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. No problem, I found 10 images of Subeta's best pets, Keith sent me the link to neocolours. I hope you don't mind!:biggrin:
    #4 cpvr, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. That and you get some snippy replies sometimes. I didn't have a very good impression on one of the threads, depends on the users themselves I guess.

    Good review, very fair.
  6. @cpvrcpvr Yup thanks for adding for me. I feel so helpless without my computer lol. And oh crap lol I was just bolding things and did it on the other tab before you inserted the pictures now they are gone. Whoops. I'll neocolours it

    @YakumoYakumo Thank you very much and yes I agree lots of snippiness lol.

    You know I should really add to all of my reviews because i don't mention the avatar system in aywas OR subeta and man both are worth mentioning.
    #6 Organic, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  7. Another nice review c: I must read your Icepets one also!

    I do like the art on Subeta, probably my favorite thing on that site.

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