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tattoos on face - attractive or stupid?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. I've seen a lot of people with tattoos on their face - whether its a tear drop or a cross. I've seen it and really, I think its stupid to put a tattoo on your face.
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    Here are some images from people with tattoos on their face:
    Gucci Mane:

    In other words - what do you think about those who put tattoos on their face? Do you think its ridiculous or do you think its something cool? Personally, I couldn't live with myself if I had a tattoo on my face because in my opinion, I think it makes you look ugly.

    What about you?
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  2. While it can be part of a culture to tattoo your face, I personally would avoid tattoos. If anything, I'm mostly against tacky tattoos.
    As for making a person look 'ugly' that's a whole different matter entirely.
  3. It's not exactly my cup of tea, I would never do it and neither find it attractive, but I respect it.
  4. I would never get something on my face like that.. Ever.
    Little stars behind my ears, yes, Paint my face with ink that won't come off, No thanks.
  5. Lol, honestly I think facial tattoos are pretty representative of criminals and a good way of saying "Hey, I make bad decisions!".
    Overall, I think they're incredibly trashy.
    I have 8 tattoos myself, and the one closest to my face is behind my ear of a diamond.
    Some girl got the word "barbie" tattooed under her eye... I just... no.

    I absolutely adore tattoos and love them as an art form, but seriously... good luck EVER getting a job with facial tattoos.
    It's hard enough getting one with arm tattoos, but on the face? I think it'd be damn near impossible to get a job besides maybe being a tattoo artist yourself, a musician (that's huuuge and making a lot of money already)... or a criminal.

    I just... honestly think they're so tacky. ._.
  6. Thats some sweet ass tat work, but its not attractive at all.
  7. tattoos are nice. just not on the face.
  8. Honestly, that guy is so attractive without all the tattoos.
    It's a shame ;___;
    He's a sweetheart IRL though.
  9. Can someone remind me why that guy above named Rico did that tattoo thing? xD
  10. The tattoo itself? ""about the human body as a decomposing corpse – the art of a rotting cadaver.", and "also a tribute to horror movies", a favourite genre of his."

    About the makeup?
    In late 2011, Genest became part of a campaign entitled "Go Beyond the Cover", promoting Dermablend professional makeup products, appearing in a video where a makeup team covered all the tattoos on his head, torso, arms, and part of his back in its concealer product, with the cover-up process video documentation played in reverse to show the concealer's effectiveness.
  11. That's actually quite interesting.

    I find the artwork fascinating, as do I the people, but I just can't get past the fact that there are tattoos on the faces of these people. I'm socially awkward enough to the degree that if I ever met them, I would honestly have second thoughts about talking to them, whether I knew they were sweethearts in person or not.

    But, even while it makes me uncomfortable, I respect that it's their body to do with what they wish and I'm not about to tell someone what they can and can't do with their own bodies.
  12. Ugh I hate tattoos but tattoos on your face that is so stupid and ridiculous
  13. What about having a tear drop under your eye? Some people do that because they've lost a family member and the tear drop signals that.
    Some people also put a tear drop under their eye because they killed someone and their gang makes them to do that. Ridiculous ya, but would it do it out of the love of your family?

    I don't see a tear drop being feasible, but a name with a R.I.P on my shoulder or something would be how'd I do it. How about you?
  14. I would never put a tear drop under my eye.
    Because of the whole "killed people" gang thing.
    I woulnd't want anything like that on my face anyways,.
  15. i think skin is prettier than ink in any location, but tattoos on the face are especially obnoxious. who would want to hire or even approach someone who basically has 'i'm dumb' written all over their face? literally? i would never get a tattoo and i've only seen a few that are both tasteful and meaningful but tattoos on the face will never be either of those.
  16. It's the same thing as having a sleeve on your arm. Most jobs would make you cover that up. But, for a face tat? How are you going to cover that? With a band-aid or something? LMAO.
  17. Just ask yourself this question:
    Do you really want to look like this all your life? When you get married, have and raise kids/grandkids, apply for jobs...ect. until you're 80+ years old?

    I've always thought that behind the interesting aspects of tattoo's, having facial tattoos is a little... ridiculous. Sometimes they aren't even attractive...​
  18. Yeah I just have a tattoo on my calf that usually gets covered up anyway because I hate wearing shorts since I'm pale and my legs are too skinny for booty shirts that it looks weird.. Well to my taste.
    Mine is a symbol of my childhood morals and such. It is a dolphin with water splashing around it. I've loved dolphins ever since I was 6 years old and made a lot of promises to myself and created my moral standings when I was very young and it reminds me of that promise I made myself so I turn out to the person I've always wanted to be.

    But tattoos on the face is just a terrible idea.
    Even a tear drop is. If you lost a family member, there are better ways of showing your emotions than a permanent ink spot on your face. I agree with cpvr with putting a cross or RIP or whatever you may with your family member's name on your shoulder blade or something. I would never regret that tattoo even when I'm 80 because I will always continue loving that person.
  19. Well, whether or not I find it to be attractive, I wouldn't immediately jump to the conclusion that it's stupid instead. I think it's up to the individual on what they want to do with their own skin, and I certainly won't assume anything based on it beyond, "At some point that person wanted a tattoo on their face," and whether they are still happy with the decision isn't my business unless they bring it up.

    I suspect it might create trouble when it comes to being hired, because there's a social stigma attached to tattoos, and ones on the face can't be hidden easily. Also, as they age, the wrinkles on their face can mess up the image a lot.

    I am interested in getting tattoos, but am still too worried because of my low tolerance of pain. However, if I did get one, I'd want one where other people could see it :)

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