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Things that drive new members away

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by cpvr, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. What are some things that you think drive new members away from a pet site? Is it the art? Is the features? Or is it the community?

    Personally, I'd go with the features because if you don't have a fair bit of things to do, then the user will get bored and leave.
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  2. Like you said if there's nothing more to do than color your pets and get rich then there's no reason to play anymore. Also the community (or atmosphere) can drive people away from any good petsite, Neopets proved that to us.
  3. In my observation, if a site satisfies in at least two of the categories you've listed above, new users will come and have a better chance of staying for a good amount of time. A site may have sub-par art, but if it has an excellent community and is chock-full of features and activities, the unattractive art may not make so much of a difference. Neopets has features and lovely art, but is lacking somewhat in the community department - yet it manages to lure in and snag plenty of new users at a steady rate. And I remember that Lurapets lacked unique and attention-holding features, but users would join and stay for the community.
    I don't think that any particular reason you've listed tends to turn off users more than another, as long as you have some other solid reason for people to stay with your site. I don't have the experience that a site owner would have to really say that with confidence, though.
  4. I mostly see it as a negative response from staff or established users. Nothing will send me packing faster then an elitist attitude and a unwelcoming atmosphere.
  5. Arrogance, stupidity, ignorance, disrespect, selfishness, scams, lack-of-security, disorganization, rudeness, lies, broken promises, trash talk, spam, a ride range or percent of negativity, drama, cliques, unprofessional staff, immature users and/or staff, lack of updates, no entertainment (games, contests, plots, events, ect.), lack of decent art, spelling or grammar errors, lack of creativity...

    Just to name a few.

  6. Also on the flip side of the coin there's also somethings that ironically drive OLD users away. I've played a few sites that when in their mind they "improve" so that they can attract new players (and they do) they end up driving all the old users away at the same time. Losing the old userbase is something I wouldn't trade for new moronic players. (Like appealing directly to young players instead of all their players)
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  7. Ya, that tends to happen a lot with new pet redraws and the old players are so used to seeing their favorite pet every day and such, which is why if you can offer a feature where the users can use their former pets still.
  8. The main thing that keeps me away from joining a petsite, is actually the registration. If they are asking for a username/password/email, I will join up, but any other "Required" info, I get bored and find another site to try. Especially annoying is when they are telling me my password is insecure, or that damn email verification <_<

    If the site looks worth it, I will stick to it and see the registration through, however 9/10 sites I visit, I leave if it seems too much effort to register.
  9. If I can't view the staff, contact, privacy policy (if applicable), news, rules, etc. (as in similar) pages, I will not join. (There are very rare cases in which I do, but 99% of the time this statement is true for me.) There is no good reason to keep those pages only accessible to logged in players.
  10. If the Terms of Service is in ONLY legal jargon and I can't understand what the basic rules on the site are, I probably won't even bother.

    I also like being able to view how many people are online at the current time. If there are only 3 people online at any given time, it's probably not worth MY time, lol.
  11. I find that quite depressing actually, even though I am sure I have done the same myself. When you are involved in the industry then I'd like to feel we'd all make the extra effort to actually give things a fair try.

    Anyway, on topic, I find the biggest thing that makes users leave is nothing to do with your site, people leave because of real life issues. More specifically when the hassle of finding the time to commit to your game goes over a threshold (which you can't see) depending on how busy they are in real life, or how many other games they have found to play. I think far more users drift off because they have some other call on their time as leave deliberately because they don't like something.
  12. So, a quick registration would suit you well? All it would ask for is your email, username, and password, and send the activation code to your email - that's a good idea, I don't see why some pet sites don't use that method though.
  13. @cpvrcpvr - Well its not just petsite registration that turns me off - its all websites in general. Facebook had been around for about 2 years before I actually signed up to see what all the hype was about.

    A little off topic, but relevant: - Ive been developing a petsite since 2009, and the key feature for getting new members is "Click here to play now - no registration required". You click a button, and *bang* you are logged in with a guest account. If you like it, you can then register a username/email and anything you have done while being a guest is saved,, otherwise if you dont like it, no worries, your guest account, shop items, scores etc are wiped after a specific time period.

    If I visited a website (not just petsite) where I could literally play now, register later, I would 100% try it out.

    This thread is about what drives new members away. ie - what stops them from joining in the first place, so I think my post was actually relevant to the reasons why new users dont sign up in the first place. I dont think real life issues would really have anything to do with a user not signing up, however I do agree with your points for why people end up leaving petsites. Careers, education and family issues all contribute to the amount of time that users have available to play a petsite. A user would have to be very extreme in order to leave a pet site just because they didnt like something....

    ... however I'm pretty sure everyone here has seen a situation where a petsite has drastically changed something (layout, features or pet images) and users have quit in 'protest' of the change.
    #13 Nate, Oct 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. Ooops my bad @Don RelentlessDon Relentless, I missed the *new* in the title. :)

    I have a Play Now, but I don't think it's as seamless as you would want it to be.
    #14 Hituro, Oct 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  15. That shouldn't be true in all cases though... if it's a new start just starting out, you shouldn't judge it on it's member base I think. If it's around 2 months old, yeah you can start judging, but not in all cases.
  16. Don Relentless
    There's also an easy way to speed up sign-ups. You can use Facebook connect, or twitter connect and allow users to sign up on the site through that.
  17. The last time I tried to integrate that it was a disaster, it just didn't work well, but it was a few years back, maybe it's smoother now?
  18. To be honest, I dont think integrating something as personal as Facebook should be used for something like a virtual pet site. The idea behind websites where you are simply known by your username means you dont have to worry about giving away your identity to complete strangers. As you are aware, you only add friends to your friendslist on facebook. I certainly would not like my name or face splattered across an anonymous community, and I think anyone that does is one of those "attention seekers"

    Virtual Pet Sites (IMO) are best left Virtual, ie, non-personal. If I try to join a website and it requires me to login via facebook I quickly hit the big red X in the corner of my browser. Like that VPS that was opened last year, cant remember the exact name "____monsters" or something like that, to start with it was standalone (YAY), then it become facebook-only, to which I was very disappointed as I didnt want to play it.

    The bottom line is that I do not like to integrate my 'real life' friends and family (facebook), with my 'virtual friends' (yourselves). If I wanted to play a game so badly that was facebook integrated.. I would create a 'fake' facebook just so i can play (havent done that btw.. just metaphorically speaking)

    Sorry this seems once again - off topic - , but it's my view on why I wouldnt join a site that was social network integrated :p
    #18 Nate, Oct 28, 2011
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2011
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  19. @Don RelentlessDon Relentless
    I totally agree. I created a fake facebook account to play Evony (a strategy MMO) just to get the bonuses that everyone else was getting. I don't have a twitter or facebook and I never will.
    #19 Ardy, Oct 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  20. I wouldn't care if a site had FaceBook integration, however, if it operates solely on that with no option to create an account without it, then I wouldn't even bother with a fake FaceBook account. It's not worth it.
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