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Toongears - almost ready!!

Discussion in 'Sneak Peeks' started by Toongears, May 20, 2012.

  1. SO wow, this has been long over due... but yes, TOONgears Academy is back in business!!! Due to personal reasons I have been seperated from the computer for a while. I became VERY ill and I was hospitalized and unable to continue with site development. I had lost contact with the virtual world for a good couple of months and then was going through a hard move. I am now attending Full Sail University, and I am in enrolled in their Game Arts Program, which means I am now able to continue you with the creating the site! (YAY) Now rest assured, all this time off has given me enough time to think and ponder on how the site is going to fully work, and I'm now reaping the rewards from all this time dedicated just to thinking of how the site will work. So now, TOONgears has just experienced a complete revamp and is now promising to be a completely unique experience! I don't wanna give away any surprises but... heres a brief run down.



    - Social Networking Features - working!
    - Create a pet - working!
    - PvP and NPC Battles - under construction, should be finished before the end of the month!
    - Quests - not yet started. :(

    TOONgears Academy

    Get ready for a whole new way to experience social networking. Introducing the first Social Networking RPG that puts you into the game. For the first time in a game, you are you. You will not have to be overwhelmed and feel lost and alone like you do at most pet sites because the community is the site! You will be able to extend and invite your friends to join, and right of the bat you will be able to add friends to your network so you can get right into the game and have fun socializing with new and old friends. Create your own profile, upload and share your own pictures, videos, and music, with your friends. Update your status and message other players all over the world. Then you’re ready to “jack in”.

    The RPG

    In the game of Toongears you are a regular human in the regular world. Unknown to the rest of the world, even you, is that deep within you lies an ability that has lied dormant until you logged onto our site. You are verified as a technopath, a special breed of human capable of manipulating data and communicating with technology! Toongears is the main port for verifying technopaths and transporting them to Toongears Academy; A Virtual Online School created to unite technopaths from all around the world.


    You will be given the opportunity to create your own TOON; Technopathically Oriented Online Navigator. Your TOON will act as your own personal guide and protector as you navigate through the Virtual Realm, known as LAN(Local Area Network). Many dangers such as viruses, hackers, and Trojans, lurk in the murky shadows of the LAN, waiting to steal and corrupt the data of young naïve technopaths. You will need to train your TOON and arm yourselves with the skills necessary to defend yourself against online threats.


    One of the most privileged hobbies of technopaths is glitch chasing! As a Glitch Chaser you can use your technopathic abilities to manipulate the data of glitches and use it to your advantage! You can use glitches you find the upgrade and customize your toon to suit your preferences and playing style!


    Not only will theire be 1-player battles and quests, but you will also be able to send battle challenges and fight other players all over the social network. Train your toon, raise your stats, and become the most powerful glitch chaser in LAN!


    In Toongears, you will be able to interact with NPCs like never before. For the first time ever, NPCs will have their own profiles, status updates, posts, pictures, and personal content, and you will be able to interact with them through their profiles! You will be able to message them and they can message you back with news of potential quests, battle challenges, and even game events and hints to help you progress through the story line. Each NPC will have their own story line you will need to unravel through the social network.


    Glitch Chasers – the primary student base at the Toongears Academy. A glitch chaser is a technopath who is devoted and dedicated student towards the teachings at the academy. They follow the ciriculum and are very interested in searching and obtaining glitches. The glitch chasers make up the majority of the student body. They are the students who do not fall into either of the groups listed below.

    Doulos and the Data Gods – Greek gods or delusional teenagers? The data gods claim to be manifestations of fallen greek gods and the doulos view themselves as the privileged few good enough to associate with the Data Gods. They claim to have their own reasons for being sent from the heavens into the virtual realm, and their stories all seem so legit. So are they myths or legends? One thing is for certain; their power truly is godly.

    Cyber Junkies – wild parties, promiscuity, drugs, and all night raves; the Cyber Junkies live to do what they please. The students themselves started this group. Comprised primarily of the slackers, dropouts, and party enthusiasts. This group has been classified as malicious and suspicious spyware. The Cyber Junkies have become the target of much controversy and is at the top of the Firewall’s list for deletion.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    Firewalls – the internet cyber police. The Firewalls are a group of elite technopaths trained to handle any viruses and threats the virtual world has to offer. They are selfless and dedicated bunch who take their work very seriously. The path to becoming a firewall is a hard and lonely one. Not everyone has what it takes to make into the firewall. Firewall Co-Ordinators select and coach some of the best students so they can become a firewall.

    The Trojans – the Trojans are the group of sinister technopaths who want nothing but destruction and chaos. They hate anyone who is not with them, and will do anything to get what they want. They are lead by three of the most sinister technopaths to ever live. The Dealer, iVicking, and Pain, these three call themselves the Trojan Horse and they lead their army of Trojans throughout LAN corrupting data everywhere they go.



    Programmers - We are currently searching for a few good PHP programmers with sometime on their hands to work with the site. The Site is coded using MVC.
    Artists - We currently need a few artists for black and white line art, as well as artists good at coloring black and whites.
    Actors - The actors will serve as the moderators of the site. You will be able to monitor the profile NPCs and in game content to make sure TOONgears is free of "lames"!
    #1 Toongears, May 20, 2012
    Last edited: May 22, 2012
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Is a person limited to one TOON?
  3. At this time there will only be one toon per player. however, the glitches could be viewed as pets themselves since they will all resemble creatures. Think of the toon as your main pet, and the glitches as your support pets. the game will be heavily centered around glitches and collecting glitches. Their will be equippedable glitches, one use glitches, glitches that can change your pets color and species. So in a sense you are only limited to how many glitches you have! Also you will be able to view how many DIFFERENT types of glitches a person has captured, similar to how a pokedex works in pokemon.
  4. Love the concept. ;)
    Maybe have a recycle bin to delete your pet for the future and they could be restored if someone takes them out of there?
    Makes it much more interesting than abandon and adopt in my opinion. :p
    Well am really excited and can't wait for the site to get of its feet.
  5. @ToongearsToongears
    I hope all is well with you now, what was wrong though(if you don't mind me asking?). I was hospitalized twice this month all because of my gallbladder(I get it removed tomorrow), but nice work! Your concept looks very nice, and I can't wait to see more previews!
    #5 cpvr, May 30, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. I fell off of the second story trying to help my little brother. I landed on my feet luckily, but I ended up breaking my ankles and leg. :( But I'm getting better. I just have bad atrophy and my ankle still hurts a lot. I have a lot of time though to sit in front of my macbook now, so I got adobe, and today I picked up my drawing tablet! I'm excited to be using this. So yeah, I have nothing but time to dedicate to my site now, well, as long as I'm not in class.. :p
    #6 Toongears, May 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013

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