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Twitter: Do you use it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cpvr, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. How many people here use Twitter? If so, how long have you been using it? What do you mainly use Twitter for?

    I know I use it as a tool to leverage myself online, meet new people, and build relationships. I also use it for various other things.

    So, do you tweet? If so, what is your Twitter url?

    My url is http://www.twitter.com/cpvr/
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  2. Re: Twitter?


    Despite the name though, it is more often than not sidetracked with personal conversations and updated very infrequently.
  3. Re: Twitter?

    Mine is

    It was a twitter account for my website, but since my website is pretty much similar to twitter, I changed the name and made it my personal one.
  4. Re: Twitter?

    I used to use twitter all the time, my UN was Ajaxmonkey.
  5. Re: Twitter?

    I have an account but never go there.
  6. Re: Twitter?

    So, how many people here use Twitter for business reasons? What about personal?

    Do you guys remember when you joined Twitter? Why did you sign up?
  7. Re: Twitter?

    Answers Top Questions: No. Yes

    Answers Bottom Questions: No. Because I was tired of Myspace, and no one really payed attention to FB, at this time.
  8. Re: Twitter?

    When I get a cellphone, I'll use Twitter to be super obnoxious like everyone I who uses it is.

    6:37 am : I AM AWAKE NOW.
    6:40 am: I AM GETTING OUT OF BED.

    ........ I know people who actually use twitter like that, religiously, okay.
  9. Re: Twitter?

    my twitter is in my sig. I think I am just going to use it for everything..I don't think I could be bothered to log into more than one account to update.
  10. Re: Twitter?

    Mine is http://www.twitter.com/MegaCreomon

    It's private(though, so long as updates aren't every 2 seconds and no spam-bots, I'll add anyone) and not updated too frequently. I mostly have it to keep up with friends who've almost completely stopped using Livejournal in favor of just Twitter updates.
  11. Re: Twitter?

    I don't have a personal nor will I ever, I find the site annoying and pointless. Only reason I use it is for advertising my Zazzle (which it isn't doing much of anything) and posting quick updates about my petsite.
  12. Re: Twitter?

    I have registered to twitter like three years ago but until now i just have few tweets there. I just cant figure out how this site works and how it will be beneficial to me. Yes of course its for social sense but it is enough that i have my Facebook. I believe that twitter is just beneficial for celebrities because they are the one most followed and their tweets became a talk of the town. But for an ordinary person like me, my tweets will be simply just a tweet.
  13. Re: Twitter?

    Ya, its hard to get established on Twitter though - because there's so many people involved. But, its still fun.
  14. I have an account on twitter but it's for the game I am working on. I don't really care about allowing stockers to know what I am doing. I rather keep it secret.
  15. Re: Twitter?

    I have a personal twitter account.
    Okay, so that's how I use twitter.. Almost.
    It's more like this
    10 AM: I'm awake
    11 AM: Making cookies
    2 PM: Going to a birthday

    Only for more special happenings xD
  16. I have one but I'm pretty slack xD
  17. I have a twitter account but I barely write things on it no more.
  18. I find twitter is a little bit of a stocking site. It's funny how that site got a huge hype and now it's becoming more and more a business tool.

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