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Discussion in 'Completed Transactions' started by design1online, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. One of my horses recently contracted lymes disease. Half of her face is paralyzed and she's at risk of loosing her eye. As a result the vet has to come out every day for a month to give her special injections -- the farm visit alone is $54 and on Sundays I have to pay the emergency fee. That means her shots are running me $300 a day Monday - Saturday and $600 on Sunday for a total of $2,100 a WEEK.

    I'm in desperate need of programming work!!!!

    I'm offering rock bottom prices on all programming quotes and my Daisy game package for only $300 without a layout and $400 with a layout. In addition I'm offering my Tulip game package for only $850 without a layout and $950 with a layout. I can deliver a Daisy game package in just about two weeks. A tulip takes about a month. Hosting is not included but I can host your game for only $10 a month if you need it and a domain name is not included in the Daisy package.

    Daisy Package - $300
    Join, Login, Logout, Lost Password
    Message Board
    Breeding System
    Care System
    Custom Gameplay
    Basic Competition System
    Basic Banking System
    Basic Newspaper
    Basic Messaging System
    Basic Admin Panel
    PHP Chat Room
    IPN Upgrades
    Layout - add $100 to cost

    Tulip Package - $850
    Join, Login, Logout, Lost Password
    Message Board
    Breeding System
    Care System
    Custom Gameplay
    Basic Competition System
    Basic Banking System
    Basic Newspaper
    Basic Messaging System
    Basic Admin Panel with Moderators
    Basic Polls
    Domain Registration
    Friends List
    WYSIWYG Editors (graphical interface for textareas)
    Members Online
    PHP Chat Room
    IPN Upgrades
    Layout - add $100 to total cost
    Your banner/button can be located here for an entire month or year, please see our advertising on virtualpetlist thread for more information.

  2. Ahh, I am sorry to hear about your horse! I don't have a need for the packages, but good luck in getting a buyer!
  3. Thanks. I'm also offering custom programming at reduced prices, perhaps you need something else programmed? I can do jQuery/AJAX, and Flash programming as well.
  4. Good luck! I'm super sorry to hear about your horse, but I'm very glad that you are sticking with her! I'm sure once she's better, she'll appreciate it.

    Can you make flash games if the art was provided to you, and a detailed description of what I want (or guidelines, whichever ^^)? I really want to help out! <3
  5. Yep I can make flash games with art you've provided. Hey, I volunteered at FOHA -- they are friends of HART. Are you in VA too?
  6. how much would flash games cost? and do you have previeuws of the ones you made ^^because i'm very intrested!
  7. Hey Nicolas. Flash games cost anywhere from $50 - $200. I've been working on a flash MMO for the last year so I don't have any current mini-games I can show you but I can pm you a login to my MMO in progress or I can give you a login to my flash chat room. I have a video of some of the MMO's horse creator on youtube

  8. I don't volunteer with HART, but I do volunteer with a shelter ^^

    And for the price, does that come with art or do you have to provide it? (So would it be less if I supplied art)
  9. I mean I can do really basic art for you but most people supply their own art so it matches the style of the artist they're currently using for their website. Providing the art (or not) won't make a difference in the price.

    Aww, well good for you for volunteering! I volunteered at FOHA for 13 years and have 4 dogs I adopted from them.
  10. Hi there, Jade.

    I would like to request some coding samples from you. At least 2, please.​
  11. Do you have a front of house for the map editor?

  12. The map editor uses a tilesheet so if you can find a tilesheet for a house it's really easy to switch out the tilesheet or use a different tilesheet for different maps or different map levels. I have a directory of tilesheets I've found online but I'm not sure if all of them are freeware, you should find your own to be sure: tiles/
  13. Apologies I meant do you have any coding that shows the map(s) in action rather than just editing it?
  14. PHP:
        $id $database->single("id""members""WHERE username='" $_POST['username'] . "' AND 
    $_POST['password'] . "'");
    This indicates you store passwords in plain text, does it not?

    Edit: Meant to post it on this thread, my apologies.

  15. So by default there is no encryption? Do you ask the clients? Because, I mean, for me, that's sort of a given. I find my password to be personal data...

  16. Heh that's okay. Unless encryption is requested or personal information is stored then yes, they're stored as plain text.

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