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Webcam, FaceTime, Video Chat.. Do you use them?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gabby, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. I only webcam with my fiance nowadays, but every so often I webcam with my friend across the country. It's fun. A nice change from IMing, too. :p

    What about you? Do you IM more than webcam? Are you more outgoing or withdrawn on the cam? How about FaceTime?
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  2. I only webcam with my boyfriend sometimes when he is not too busy. XD An online friend I know for almost 2 years and we both webcam often. We sometimes communicate through American Sign Language with some simple words I taught him how to sign. ^^
  3. I normally video call friends I know in real life :D

    I never webcam someone I know in the internet XD Not because they're strangers, I know the people here are awesome <3 It's because my english speaking totally SUCKS... My mothertongue is Mandarin >~<
  4. I don't use any of them. I don't like showing my face!:eek: Well, not really, I don't like how my voice sounds on voice services.
  5. That's epic!! I wish I knew ASL :O I'd love to communicate with you through it, if only I knew it..

    Yea :) I know what you mean about the friends in RL thing. I have to get really comfortable too. & I can't imagine how hard that must be on webcam, trying to constantly remember how English speakers talk and everything. I'm that way with Spanish

    Oh shh, your face and voice is fine. Give yourself a break, don't be so critical. :p
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  6. Meep, I don't have a microphone either so it would be hard to have a video chat. I hate talking on the phone and video chat would fall in the same category as talking on the phone for me. I haven't even used Facetime on my iPhone yet. *hides*
  7. I haven't used it on my iPod or my iPad *shrugs*

    I have used Skype on my iPod, however
  8. no because i hate how i look and how my voice sounds
    i dont want to subject people to my ugly
  9. I'd prefer talking on the phone lmao. I have a deep voice and with my accent, its hard for people to understand what I'm trying to say sometimes.
  10. I'd be able to understand it
  11. I bet because you're from the east coast as well. I just don't like showing off especially in cams or anything. I haven't even tried Google Hangouts yet. I talked on the phone earlier with one of my friends from Hawaii for like an Hour. He called me from a Google Voice number, he was giving me updates on what's going on with his wife. She was manic and fled to Africa, but he said she should be coming home soon. So, I'm happy for him.
  12. I use webcam to chat my brother.
  13. Facetime on your phone

    Does anyone else here on facetime installed on their phone? Do you use it often? I only use it my girlfriend is away and she wants to facetime for a little while. I think it's a cool feature to have on the phone though.

    So, do you use facetime often or not really?
  14. I do use them with close friends and family but I usually talk on the phone or text the majority of the time. I just don't like to be on video because I usually multi- task and then the person on the other end is talking to a wall or to my hair because I am looking down since I am writing something (haha).
  15. I admit, Facetime is really nice to use if your significant other is away and you're trying to see their face or something. I still prefer talking on the phone or texting though.

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