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Were you ever a member of Myspace?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. So, how many people here actually used Myspace in the past? Did you like the service?

    I know in the past, I had myself a network of myspace sites - with my good friend, Patrick and we made some pretty decent cash off of our myspace help sites - and if you were a webmaster that was working in the myspace niche - you were making pretty decent cash - especially if your site was full of generations, codes, and graphics.

    I know Myspace isn't so popular anymore thanks to Facebook/Twitter - but what do you remember the most about the service? Do you think if myspace loaded faster and had better features before - it could of been better? Or what do you think?

    How do you feel about myspace now?
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  2. I used to a couple years ago. Didn't care too much for it. Only things that come to mind when I think of Myspace is people who I didn't get along with all in school, adding me and trying to be all buddy-buddy with me after graduation. I lol'd each time.
    That, and it was always super slow for me and filled my computer with spyware from all those ads.
  3. I only played Myspace for Cat Wars. Still kinda do but after being gone for a year, I'm 400 levels behind the top guys instead of 100 levels and I don't understand some of the new items. It's hard to get back into it. Not really a fan of social networking sites, though.
  4. I remember that. CometCursor was one of those malwares from Myspace.

    I think we all were a member of MySpace at some point. It was an enormous internet fad.
  5. I never used MySpace. I remember using Bebo before Facebook. Now I don't use any social networks.
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  6. That's interesting. Did you delete your Facebook?
  7. I remember how brutal Myspace's security was. People were making fake log ins all the time.
  8. Yeah and the 4chan group trolled everyone's account through phishers lol
  9. Ya, that too, but a lot myspace fansite owners did this so that they could have more friends - thus, marketing their site more. Marketers on Myspace used fake images of woman to gather more friends - then you used their bulletin system to spam their site's links. It made a lot of site owners thousands if not millions.
  10. I've always just had one (which I will not provide to save the embarrassment)

    Interesting you have four though. :c Did you keep them all active? I commend you for the effort doing so if you did, that must be tough work
  11. The first link is dated like 2008, and the other one is one after it. Like I say, when I changed emails I forgot to move them over, I don't know the logins for any of them atm and its not very high on the to-do list to be done.
  12. Yea I hear ya.. So you kept switchin accounts? xD
  13. Not so much that, I just kept getting hundreds of SPAM on those whatever the emails were, so I kept moving to new emails and back then I didn't write down what my accounts were I just remembered them - or most of them. These days I have lists with email, password, and then a bunch of online website/accounts that are under each one.
  14. I only had one as well. It was easier to keep up with my friends. I noticed people would create a new account if they wanted a fresh slate. They do the same thing on Facebook.
  15. Ohh I gotcha. xD That must have been really annoying.
    My ex-best friend had three before he stayed with his original. So I know what you mean :p

    Smh.. Facebook stores everything.. That is a waste of time
  16. If I can work out what email address the 1st on is on, I will go and get it back, or try to. But like I say, breaking into that isn't high on my list of to-dos.

    Fix the w2000 has been on my to-do list since Aug 2008 when it crashed out. XD
  17. xD Yeah
    I think my friend actually forgot his password to his old accounts on Myspace.. idr
  18. I found a mega old email account under a former OC of mine (used briefly after Max B but before Dragon W) and the account dates back to 2004/5 and I can't remember the password at all, the blade_789 passwords only came in after 2006, after Dragon W was created.
  19. I had a myspace account and liked it, but never really used it for very much. Eventually I stopped going at all. I tried Facebook, but never liked it. I come back now and then, but never stick around for long.
    #20 Calib, Jul 3, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2012

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