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What are some fun places in your city/state

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Well, I always wanted to see what the world is like, and what everyone has in their city/state, so why don't we share some fun places that our city or state offers?

    I'll start it off by saying we have two six Flags in Texas, one in Dallas, and one in San Antonio.

    This is the Batman: The ride

    This is the Roaring Rapids river ride

    Then another ride six Flags offers is the elevator, they call it the Superman of Power

    ^^This ride is very fun, I've always like it growing up, especially screaming to people at the bottom of the ride. XD!

    And we also have a place called "Splash Town", but I've never went. I haven't been to Six flags out here yet, either, but I might be going soon.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    So, do you have any fun places where you live? If yes, share some pictures, and links.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Around me, I would not say there is many fun places but the place I'm of to tommorow; Alton Towers is the largest theme park in the country so I shall thouroughly enjoy it.
  3. I guess it really depends on your age here?
    I live in Las Vegas, So.... If your under 21 there is alot of stuff you can't do.

    (Like be on the strip past 10pm) Har har

    But.. fun for all ages..

    Fremont Street (Free bands playing nightly)
    Down side = Lots of drunks, not great for smaller children

    Going Swimming at the Golden Nugget Hotel's Shark Tank pool

    And Of course the Adventure Dome, Here are some of the rides.

    The Chaos

    Thee Rollercoater

    The Disco

    The Rim Runner (AKA Water ride)

    And then We have the Stratosphere rides!

    This is the stratosphere...


    The rides are at the top bubble thing.

    Big Shot


    The "X-Scream"

    And a rollercoaster

  4. In Holland you have a theme park called ''de Efteling'' it's more for kids than for grown-ups, but since I went so much as a kid I still love it :)
    It has a ''Sprookjesbos'' (Fairytaleforrest) with many old European stories, it's usually one or two statues or moving.. statuethingies and you hear a voice telling the story.
    So I guess it's not much fun if you don't speak Dutch..
    the park has some other attractions and rollercoasters but nothing massive

    The entire country of Holland also has 1 Six Flags. woooooow

    Another theme park is Duinrell which is mostly known for it's Tikibad which has the largest indoor waterslide paradise in the Benelux.

    Right now I can't really think of anything else that you should visit Holland for -.-

    --I tried to put in some links to pictures but I'm not allowed to do that yet :3
  5. @Toxic Rainbow KissesToxic Rainbow Kisses I wouldn't want to go on any of those rides at the top of that tower thing, TOO scary! Has anyone ever died up there as well?

    Well seen as others have done theme parks, I will too.

    Ripon has the Lightwater Valley Theme Park.

    We have another theme park in NY which is near Malton which is Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo - best known for its Pink Flamingos.

    But anyway Lightwater Valley.

    The best known coaster is the Ultimate, which became the worlds longest rollercoaster from 1991 to 1999. Its now Europe's longest rollercoaster.


    ^ The two drops in the track.

    Rat Ride was the first ride but thats been re-done as Raptor Attack, which I haven't been on yet.

    But my fav ride is Twister:


    And there was 1 death in the park in 2001, and she died on Twister.
    #5 SpunkiSpirou, Jun 4, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. Well our city has nothing. Literally. We used to have a club but it got shut down x-X We don't even have a good downtown to walk around in or anything

    Michigan in general doesn't have much, either. Most of us go to Cedar Point or King's Island for fun, but those are in Ohio. We have Michigan's Adventure (another theme park), but I've never been there so I don't know what it's like =P

    #6 Panda!, Jun 4, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2012
  7. I'd ride that roller coaster all day long! I love drops! I won't go on up-side down roller coaster though. Those make me sick.
    #7 cpvr, Jun 5, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. Its a good ride yeah, I can't actually ride THAT ride anymore. But when I was on it anyway I couldn't see anything anyway so not exactly missing much.

    Which again, is why I like TWISTER so much more!
  9. We have

    6 flags
    Geuga lake
    Cedar point
    Kings island
    Sea world
    Rock and roll hall of fame
    Football hall of fame
    Longaberger basket and homestead
    Lake erie
    I cant remember what the space museum is name but we have a awesome space museum
    As well as an aeronautics museum
    Gallery hop in the short north is awesome
    We also have 2 baseball and 2 football teams and stadiums of course

    Thats all i can think of atm but its enough for me.

    My fave ride is the maverick at cedar point btw :)
    #9 Organic, Jun 5, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2012
  10. Sydney's Centre Point Tower - I haven't done it yet.


    Lunar Park - Been around for over 40 years.


    Harbour Bridge Climb - I would love to do it, just the price.

  11. For those that posted rides from theme parks, how often do you go to them?

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