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What are you currently working on now?

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by GGitzOle, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Whether it be programming some script, drawing a new pet or simply doing some user administration, post what you're currently working on :D (Has to be Virtual Pet related :p).

    I'm actually not programming right now XD But the next thing I'll be working on is a script for Aywas to data mine their pet colours.
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  2. I am searching for an artist, AGAIN! I am talking to a professional now but I feel he won't be a good fit with my company, sooooo, I am on the hunt again. *Smacks forehead* This sucks. lol :)
  3. I'm working currently on getting a clock up, seo and allowing for non users to enter our boards!
  4. Modifying a MySQL query so that it only affected the pets it need to affect. Not doing so would have caused significant problems for AlleyPets.
  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I just got done with more development on Celendria - fixed 5-6 bugs (YAY), and released THREE new forum avatars as seen above for our users to find. Only have a stockpile of 50 more to release. X_x

    Regardless, you know you have a good day, when, as a programmer, you can chug out content AND bug/glitch fixes. :D
  6. I'm currently chatting with some of Kaylune's staff and updating pages on Kaylune. <3
  7. I am working on the ability to choose an active pet / browse them without leaving the page. I got it to work, just now got to work on the saving into db.

    oh, and add where it to actualy move across the page.
    #7 Ilasa, Jun 3, 2011
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2011
  8. What keywords are you looking to rank for?
  9. I've just been adding javascript countdown timers to some of the item collection quests on grophland.com showing how long you have to hand in the quest, or until you can get the next quest (e.g. here).

    But I should have been drawing some new flowers, for the upcomming plant-hybridization feature. Maybe tomorrow ...
  10. I'm working on a map, just for something to doodle. ..Just because.
  11. working on an item engine, what a pain adding item action conditions XD but it'll be worth it once It's done :D
  12. I'm working on some items for an upcoming pet site (hasn't launched yet) and a commission for a friend. More private projects are just some writing and graphics for an mmorpg I hope to launch someday 8)
  13. Could you tell us anything about this new upcoming pet site? Any information or name announced for it?
  14. Sorry, I haven't been told the name--I'm not sure it has one yet!
    I'd rather not divulge any specific information, since I don't have permission from the owner to do so, but the overall idea sounds very interesting to me, and unique from what I've seen other pet sites doing. It involves a lot of variety of ideas, in fact seems to revolve around variety and gives a lot of freedom of creativity to the artists involved. Its theme is set up to allow for a lot of free-reigning, I think.
    If you like I can ask the owner to let me get more into specifics, but at this time I'm afraid that's all I can say 8)
  15. An ajax shoutbox that is using Memcache :p
  16. breaking a sweat over trades, optimizing the database took some hard work, only need to finish the search and I'm done.
    I'm quite proud of myself, managed to make to actual trades table have 3 columns and the trade offers table aswel, while keeping it flexible :D
  17. Nice :p I always leave the trading system til last XP

    I'm currently working on some window issues with javascript :p
  18. fun fun fun XD gotta love javascript and its kinks :D
  19. xP yeah, it took me like 3 hours to finally get it all working, but now that it is, it was worth it :D

    Working on Create A Pet right now. Just redoing some of the things to make it more easier to navigate/understand.
  20. Working on the pet system for Kaylune, and fixin' bugs for Dragon Nest. Fun.


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