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What are you gonna do IF 2012 actually happens?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jakdacrowe, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Just a little question I've been asking my friends. xD;
    So it's like...

    IF, in some scenario that 2012 actually happened, what are you going to do?
    Since it's practically, "the end of the world".

    For me? I'll be on my flat rooftop, screaming my heart out, rocking to the music and party shuffling. xD
    I wanna go out with some great partying time. xD

    I don't wanna know your views on 2012, whether it's coming true or not.
    I just wanna know what the heck are you gonna do on the last day of your life. xD
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  2. Nothing. xD Just wait for the moment, since I don't fear death. :p
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  3. I don't believe the hype and plus, I'm not scared to diel
  4. I don't really have any plans for 2012, except for having a really good reason to not pay off the last year of payments on my car loan.
  5. How much is your car loan?
  6. lulz And I thought people would do all kindsa crazy shiz before they die. xD
  7. Even though I have my doubts, it would depend on what exactly happens during 2012.

    If it's anything like the movie, I'm buying a plane.​
  8. It was about $16k originally. By the end of 2012, it should be down to about $2k. Since it will be paid off in 2013...
  9. Oh, not bad though. Do you plan to keep it til then or trade it in?
  10. Hmmmm, If 2012 comes true...Im gonna have to think
  11. Voice 1:

    My notion of the "end of the world" entails a cessation of an environment in which my life could continue, so I'd have to presume that my only possible response to such a scenario would be to die. Thankfully it's nothing but misinterpretation and myth, much like that May 21, 2011 cult.
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  12. If 2012 happens and the world ends, I guess I'll die :p
  13. I'm going to Disney World :D
  14. I plan to keep it until it stops running, or the world ends...whichever comes first. :)
  15. Lol.............
  16. I would eat all day.

    And then, if there's an exact time where everybody just falls down and dies, I will climb and cliff and jump off of it and make sure I die mid air. That'd be pretty sweet, having the fun of free falling without the impact. :D
  17. I don't know if this will happen or not, for years now many time they said it was then end of the world at different times and it didn't happen. But now things are kind of getting scary with all these natural disasters we are having all over the world, so you have to wonder? Anyway I have lived my life so I am not worried about if everything ends and I die.
  18. If 2012 really happens
    I won't be doing anything...

    *facepalm* XD

    but it's a Mayan myth so I don't have much... fear of whatever's supposed to happen xP
  19. I don't think it'll happen and that's because I have faith in the world. And there's been a lot of crazy shit happening this year, but I don't think its any time to panic or anything.

    I believe it was all just a myth and for people to generate money off the whole campaign "The world is going to end, watch our movie 2012", same thing was said when we hit the year 2000, and the world is still growing strong today.
  20. Pfft. If it happens I'll go to the shore, put on sunglasses and sit on a beach chair, and welcome the end of the world. XD

    But people are going about this all wrong. First off, leap years were not counted in the Aztec calendar. According to the smart people that did their math the world would have already ended.

    Second off, all this means that we are restarting the Astral Calendar. All this means the fortune tellers are gonna have field days with people.

    That's my viewpoint.

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