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Which domain name is better for SEO .com, .net

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by arron, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Dear friends,
    Does domain name extensions have any effect on SEO ?
    and is using of (-) in the domain name effect on SEO ?
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. No, it's all the same. It's really about your site's content, backlinks, and how much authority you've created over the years.

    But here's SEOWEBTIPS comment on this question:

    The using of - works alright too, but it doesn't have any effect on SEO.
  3. i honestly like (.com) because it seems to make the site present its self in a better way but thats just my opinion.
  4. .com and .net are practicly the same :) its better to have all variations of your domain where possible.
  5. SEO is for keywords ;) is going to be better then

    if you search for smokey the bear ;]
  6. .com is the better choice, but I personally like .org .
    .org sounds friendly IMO. :)
  7. I like .org the most, but .com is the most used one, I would say.
  8. .com is a more presentable choice, but it doesn't matter much
  9. It doesn't matter what domain tld you chose to use for your domain. What's more important is if your content is of quality and if you have enough backlinks to keep your site ranking well. One-way links, site-wide links, links from blogs/article help a lot. Same with facebook likes, Google+ and spreading your content via social media. There are a lot of factors involved with the ranking of a site and really your domain extension doesn't hold much weight with search engines.
  10. Yes your tld does not matter however I'd go with .com - your less tech-savvy audience when trying to recall your site would most likely type than or - I don't know how many times I've posted .com when it should have been another suffix.

    Hyphens don't matter but I'd try and keep them out, again for sake of your visitors remembering the domain and it also doesn't look as nice.

    This is what applies today though and Google is forever releasing new algorithms so be careful of what you plan for today, may not be the favoured option tomorrow, you're best owning as many variants and suffixes to your domain as you can afford. There are plans for loads of new TLDs being created including .apple, .google, .pizza, .unicorn, .store and loads more! This will more than likely rule out all TLD SEO rules in the future so I think its safe to say your suffix should not matter.

    To take a look at some of these new TLDs currently able to pre-register, check out here: if you're planning on a project in the future it's probably best to grab it now, even if you have no intention in the future to buy it, reserve it! This will most likely flush out the over-priced domains that are .com/.net/.org and leave only a few domains being priced due to their good name.

    For $180,000 (or thereabouts) you will in future, be able to release your own TLD so imagine .virtualpet or .yoursurname etc and your ability to reserve any domains on your own list - I think the rush to buy the option to have your own custom TLD will be almost as big as domain marketing is now - people will rush to buy .porn etc...

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