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Which software do you use?

Discussion in 'Art/Writing General' started by FlashYears87, May 5, 2011.

  1. Which software do you use when it comes to digital art? I myself use Photoshop.
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  2. Nowadays I use Photoshop, I used to be really against it but when I found out how easy it was to make your own brushes, I fell for it :p I'm a "do it yourself" type of person so stuff like that makes me happy!
    A free painting program I really recommend is MyPaint, when I don't feel like Photoshop that's what I doodle in :eek:
  3. I use Photoshop too. Upgraded to CS5 recently. :)
  4. Ooohh how is CS5? Any new changes between CS4? XD

    I use Sai/photoshop, but more Sai now. I like the interface for Sai, and it's really great for quick sketches :D
  5. I upgraded from CS3, so I don't really know what CS4 has, but from CS3 it has new tools, some new sliders, such as Vibrance and generally a bit more organized and more useful things. It has some new brushes too which are pretty cool. That's all that I can remember for now.
  6. Ooh I just looked at some screenshots of CS5, and it looks very similar to CS4. CS5 is almost 10 GB of space XD Think my laptop is shaking! Can't wait to see some of the new graphics you make in CS5 :]
  7. Haha! Thanks! There is no big difference on how I do graphics really. I've 'created' this style and I'm sticking to it, heavy brushes, vivid colors and stuff. :p
  8. First, I had photoshop CS3, then upgraded to CS4 and then downloaded the trial from CS5.
    I'm not a huge fan of CS5, so my trial went poof and now I still use CS4 ˆˆ
  9. I use GIMP :>
  10. The programs I use for art are... Mainly Flash CS5 & Photoshop CS5. Sometimes Lightwave, After Effects, Gimp, Sai, Painter 11, ArtRage, Illustrator, occasionally I still pull up Jasc Animation Shop. Oekakis... Uh honestly just about any art program I could get my hands on I tried to learn to use at least decently well. Just in case I ever had a job/interview and they say well are you familiar with this program? I can say while my expertise does not lie in this program but yes I'm familiar with it, I know how to use it so if you need me to jump into a project where it's being used I can keep up at least.
  11. At school I use Photoshop, In Design, and Illustrator. At home I just use Photoshop. Illustrator has some cool stuff..
  12. Photoshop CS3 :D
  13. Photoshop CS5 and Paint tool SAI depending on what it is I'm drawing.
  14. Right now I am using Sumopaint, but I want to upgrade to a new one. :3

    I've been thinking about Photoshop or Sai. Which has the best advantages and why?

    For example, when I want to add color to a lineart, on Sumo, I have an area selected and then inverse the selection. I then change to my color layer and click delete. What is left is the one color I want, but I always have to fill in the area between the end of the color and lines (it leaves spaces D: ). I have seen people's speedpaints, and I am curious on which program I can just throw a color down without adding in color that it missed... A little help? Thanks. :3

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