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Why backlinks are important to your site's success

Discussion in 'Guides' started by cpvr, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Over the years, I've noticed in order to rank well on the search engines for certain keywords, you need backlinks to get ranked. Backlinks are links to your site. Let's say you want to rank for "Virtual pets" or "Virtual world" without the quotes, that means you'd need to link to your homepage and have virtual pets or virtual world as the link anchor.

    You should also link inner pages on your site, especially your forums or blogs if they're opened to the public. Each page on your site should have a different title and meta description especially if those pages are opened to guests. It is also a good idea to tag your site name at the end of a page title.

    Now back to back links, did you notice how Neopets received a ton of attention from bloggers, newspapers and a few press releases? This is pure marketing and had them get more back links, which is why they rank well for some keywords, but they could do a lot better. These links helped propel Neopets to the top of the industry. Nobody in this industry has as many backlinks nor indexed pages that Neopets does. That's because all their backlinks have kept the site alive over the years. You can also browse certain pages on Neopets as a guest.

    You notice how sites rank well on google? Their content is quality and their backlinks keep the search bots coming back to crawl their content. You should always get links from bloggers, article marketing, tumblr, twitter, facebook, Google+ and forum signatures. These methods would help you get more backlinks and get your rankings up. You could also write press release, submit news to Digg and news/reviews to Apexwebgaming, TopWebGames and other gaming sites that allow you to post updates or information.

    These backlinks are fresh and would help you a lot. Its always a good idea to get your game submitted to a gaming directory because it gives you another link. You could also try getting your game listed on DMOZ and the Yahoo directory, these two directories are pretty huge and their page rank is pretty nice. Also it helps to list your site on VPL(http://www.virtualpetlist.com/showcase/) and on this directory http://www.virtualpet.com/vp/links/links.htm

    So, the moral of this, build backlinks and attract new players to your game. Without backlinks, people won't be able to find your site on the search engines. If you're looking to build links to obtain quality rankings, make sure the sites you get linked from are of quality. You never want to get a link from a bad neighborhood or anything.

    Also, if your content is good on the site, then the backlinks will help the search engines crawl and index your content faster. You could also have an RSS feed for your news so that it updates certain places and gives you another link.

    Which brings on adoptables, these sites grow because click on someone's egg and that's a new link for them. Adoptables are quite popular because their links are everywhere. Users link to them so that their eggs grow and become hatched. This is a good marketing method and it works greatly. You could try setting your create a pet page to tweet out or facebook like when a pet has been created.

    When you run referral contests, make sure you tell users to obtain more links for you. Tell them to refer on forums, blogs, tumblr, facebook and various other sites. That way, you don't place all your eggs in one basket and have more than one link method. Banners work nicely but they don't give you as much link weight as regular links.

    Also, without backlinks, it'll be a tough time for your site on the internet. Backlinks are easy to obtain, you need to just do research and see what links work great for your site. Remember, even Google has a lot of backlinks that keep their rankings alive. Neopets fansites rank for "Neopets" because they've built links around that keyword and their content has a lot of neopets-related keywords, thus, their content and backlinks brought them to the top. Remember, the more backlinks you have, the higher your chances of ranking well on the search engines. Sites that rank well now didn't do it overnight, it took them a few years to rank well on the search engines. It is quite possible to rank well in a short period of time especially if you're building links of quality fast, but I'd recommend building a couple a month and growing from there.

    The more backlinks you have, the more visible your site becomes to other people on the internet. You never know who may search a keyword and come across your site. This is why its important to have good content on your index page and also inner pages. That way, search engines are crawling a quality site that deserves fresh rankings.

    Backlinks help your site become an internet success. Especially if you're spreading your backlinks out on various different sites. Such as, get a link from a major blog or an outlet/article site and then turn around and get some forum signature links. These are easily obtained if you become active on the various forums across the internet. It's a good idea to make sure that their links are rel="Follow" and not "rel="nofollow" because if its nofollow, it won't pass any link juice to your site. So, be sure to check your links. A good way to obtain links are via one way links, that means you obtain a link and you don't have to link back.

    Site wide links are nice especially if you're running a blog or forum website. Which means, your blog or forum is opened to crawling from the various spiders on the internet. Spiders crawl and help index your content on the internet.
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  2. This article is very well written, and virtual pet site owners should listen to the advice offered by @cpvrcpvr in the OP. It is very important to rank for popular keywords, because search engines can send a lot of traffic to your pet sites.
    #2 bauss, Mar 4, 2013
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  3. If I ever learn to code and do art I will have to look back at this again. This is very well written and easy to follow, thank you for sharing.
  4. Thank you very much for this. I have been trying to improve my search engine rankings. It's all very complicated but this is a great start.
  5. Seo is very important these days and it's always a good idea to focus on increasing your monthly traffic from the search engines because what if your #1 source of referral traffic disappears and your game isn't getting a lot of visits from google, bing or yahoo? Trust me, never place all your eggs in one basket and always focus on more ways that your can increase your monthly traffic. The more exposure you can obtain for your game and backlinks, then the more successful you'll be in the long run.

    For example when Marapets was ranking #1 for the keyword Games on google for a few months, their game ended up going viral fast because of how much search volume this keyword was receiving on a daily basis.

    During this time period if your keyword wasn't in your domain, then ranking well was pretty hard to do.

    But, they didn't build links the normal way. Blackhat seo is something that all legit site owner should avoid, so the only way Mara could of ranked for this keyword was because they purchased a ton of different backlinks from other sites in a selling & buying links marketplace. Simply because a relatively new domain doesn't rank that well for any top keyword.

    Neopets has a lot more games available than Mara, but they've never ranked in the top 5 for the keyword games and they have the most relevant backlinks.

    Does anyone here when remember when Mara used to have dress up games that looked like a certain celebrity and used the celebrity's name? This was a good viral marketing idea because it'll allowed Mara to drive in fans of these celebrities, but I think this concept was a copyright concern as well.

    Submitting your site to a lot of different directories is a nice way to build quick links. One of neopets' most successful fan sites, http://www.thedailyneopets.com/tdn/advertise sells footer links to advertisers. This site has been ranking in the top 5 on google for the keyword Neopets for a very long time now. So, getting a link from this site would boast your rankings a lot. A good link anchor for all pet games would be "Virtual pet site" or "Virtual pets". Pet game would be perfectly fine.

    I'm not entirely sure how much TDN charges for a link though, but when I receive a response from them, I'll edit this post.

    It's always a good idea to reach out to the owners of successful fan sites. I remember when Pinkpt branched away from just being about Neopets and they created a fan site for Subeta.

    How many fan sites does your game currently have? Fan sites help you get more relevant backlinks and help keep users up-to-date on what's going on with your site. If your game doesn't currently have any, then it'll be a good idea to run a fan site contest and see how creative your users can be.
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  6. awesome article. Very well written <3
  7. This is an amazing article for those, like me, who are very new to how the SEO market works. You should write about all your little secrets that you know @cpvr@cpvr ;)
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  8. Thank you. I've actually written two guides about seo on this forum and if any @Approved Pet Game Owner needs help with their game's seo, I'd be more than happy to help them out and give them some tips on how they can increase their site's traffic from all the major search engines. I've been doing seo since 2004, but there's always changes being made in the seo industry. This blog is a great site that's full of resources. Actionable SEO Tips and Strategies That Work
    I believe that they keep their blog updated on a daily basis.

    Plus, what I know isn't really secrets because I've learned everything that I know about seo by reading, doing research and by practicing my writing skills.
  9. Why are so many of the link from here rel="nofollow" ? I noticed this a while ago when examining all my backlinks.
    You can see it on this page for example, Horse World Online unless I'm missing something the only links to my website on this page have a nofollow tag.
    I can understand why you'd have nofollow in signatures, but why also on the content of posts and showcase descriptions?
    Actually, I'm not able to find any links on VPL that don't have nofollow on them.
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  10. This isn't our doing, but the developers of our forum software actually did this. There's a plugin that'll allow us to make certain sites have the "Follow" tag, so as soon as @Evolution@Evolution is able to, I'm sure he'll implement this feature for us. It's right here Nofollow Manager.
    So, we'll be fixing our outgoing links relatively soon. Thank you for pointing this out to us, you're greatly appreciated! :)
    #10 cpvr, Apr 2, 2016
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  11. I started working on my blog sometime in 2011. I checked its global rank in Alexa. It's very disgusting. as far as I could remember it was around more than 8 million I think or more than that. Now it is in its 667, 640th rank with 147 linking.

    Presently it has total pageviews of 782, 565. I don't know how to interpret them. What do they mean?
  12. Awesome! Glad to hear that :)

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