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Why do people dress like this..?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Gabby, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    I don't get the point.
    I know there was a huge talk in 2008 about whether or not it should be illegal. Tbh, I wish it passed. I really don't like the look.

    What about you guys?
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  2. the same reason why people dress like this:


    regardless it's terrible- it's bad and they should feel bad.
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  3. EWWW. I didn't think to add that one, you're 100% right though
  4. People like to look weird I guess. It's funny how nobody/few pople knows what sagging pants used to mean. :rolleyes:

    Way back when, men in jail would sag their pants to let others know that they were open to butt-sex.

    If more people today knew what it symbolized, I bet fewer people would do it. :p
  5. It's gross, but making it illegal...really??

    What happens when people are at the beach? Are bikinis, swim trunks, and speedos going to be made illegal too? Where do you draw the line?
  6. @DawnshadowDawnshadow - Actually, that is incorrect- I assume you learned that from this facebook post?


    This was originally a gang status symbol, along with this:

    In the 70's in California state pen's. The mexican/spanish members of gang that were imprisoned there used their belts as weapons. The result was that given the limited budget of the prison systems, the result was sagging pants, which inturn became somewhat of a identifying mark of a former prisoner on the streets upon release.

    The conception is that if you look like you did time in prison people will either not fight you or will think second before debating anything with you. Like in a robbery.It's a image thing.

    It has spread to incorporate a fashion statement made in the major cities which was capitalized by many self made fashion designers as well as already established.

    Belts were also taken away to prevent in-jail suicides.
    #6 que, Jul 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  7. I suppose at the point people begin to question the legality? I don't think it should be illegal either, but I really do loathe the look. Fortunately, most people in my area are more inclined to pull up their pants. In fact, aside from all the camouflage (we can see you!), most people dress pretty well. Perhaps the benefit of living in a relatively rural area without too much urban influence?
  8. Because...they can?

    I'm not fond of it either and it annoys me, but I won't stop them from wearing clothes how they want to.
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  9. People dress that way because it's a free country and they can do what they want. Um. And because it's not hurting anyone. And because they have the right.
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  10. Because they can put whatever clothes they want on their own bodies.
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  11. Smh.. America is really becoming a self destructive society
    @BexxyBexxy thank you so much for answering my question without being totally rude and uncritical. <3
    #11 Gabby, Jul 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. People can dress however they like as long as they are appropriately covered... but saggy pants may garner undesirable first impressions. ^^;
  13. It's my personal opinion but I really don't want to see someone else's boxers, or ass, or anything. It really isn't too hard to dress appropriately.. like come on.

    I am very conservative about this.
  14. Ah ok. I actually learned it from my dad. X3

    Thanks for the update. ;D

    (I didn't even know that there was a facebook post about it until know. XD)
  15. I don't believe the government should legislate decency to the extent of prohibiting how one where clothes. My thought process regarding the issue is that nudity, or wearing clothes in a deviant manner, isn't inherently evil. We're bothered by it because we were raised to see it as a taboo. Personally, I used to wear costumes in public sometimes simply because I liked the way it looked. While others may view it as abnormal, I decided I'm not going to allow their reactions to restrict my pleasure. My morality is based upon the concept of living freely without infringing upon the fundamental rights of others.

    Though, I believe most people dress like that to affiliate themselves with a certain group of people and be perceived as whichever "rebellious" social-group they wish to be a part of, rather than truly desiring to expose themselves like that because that itself pleases them.

    Slightly off-topic, but your post made me emerge from my lurking shell I've been hiding in for the past two years or so.
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  16. I agree. You should see what some people wear at my school. @_@

    However, if it is their bodies, they do have a right to flaunt their stuff. XP (disgusting as it may be)
  17. There are some places that are starting to ticket against this, 3rd class misdemeanor for public indecency. I look at it this way, I hate seeing people do this. I f I wanted to look at someones' butt (trying so hard not to cuss right now), I would look at my hubby's. I honestly think people do it because they have no self esteem and want to be noticed. Now I agree, each to his/her own. But no matter what, my hubby and I will never like this. And if my daughter ever brings anyone home like that, damn skippy we won't let her see that particular person.

    It's like this- the people that do that around here where I live, tend to be African Americans that like to start fights, steal, and are the ones with the stupid cars with the stupidly large rims on them and think it's cool to blast music at 3am in the morning and wake my daughter up. They have no self respect for others, and think 'gansta' style is the only way to live. They're the troublemakers. And in some (not all now) cases think selling/using drugs are cool. This is the reason why neighborhoods are getting run down.

    It's almost like going on People Of Walmart and seeing what's there. If anyone hasn't seen that site yet and want a good laugh, I suggest you check it out.

  18. how fucking DARE people dress however they like!!!
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  19. I don't really see how this affects any of you or why any of you really care? People are going to do it regardless of what anyone says.
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  20. Sorry not everyone's a preppy douche bag but that's life and you should learn to get over it.
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