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Why your pet site could be losing easy revenue

Discussion in 'Game Dev' started by cpvr, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Well, well, I thought I'd bring this topic up because I know some users hate ads - but some webmasters like myself know that ads can bring easy revenue to your site, and here I'll list a few advertising companies that you can run on your pet site - in the beginning - until you get more traffic.

    I found this post interesting by Keith and I thought I'd quote it here to make a new topic because - traffic = free money.

    Pet sites can run CPM ads
    Have you noticed how Marapets has so many ads? They're making money from those ads - they're called cost per impression, and here's a definition of CPM:
    That means, the more pageviews you site receives - the more money you'll make. You can just put an ad on the footer - or a skycraper or an ad at the top of your site - it all depends you have to do the testing to find what CPM ad locations perform the best for you - but, a good an easy ad network to get into your site is new is Valueclick(they should still accept online pet games, someone correct me if I'm wrong), and plus, when your site gets bigger - you can get into the bigger ad networks like Casalemedia that has a bigger ad inventory and pays more.

    Adsense ads https://www.google.com/adsense/www/en_US/tour/
    Adsense is google's ad network - and we run their ads here. Why? They're a CPC ad network - which means, you get paid per clicks and sometimes impressions - depending on what ad inventory you select and such.

    But remember, your adsense ads should be optimized well into your content - or easy ad locations that aren't so annoying to users.

    So, let's discuss - what ways to earn from your pet site? I don't care what you say about ads, but if you're a true business game owner - you're going to try to make more money to invest into your pet game. Why? Investing is the number one way to grow your pet site - and quite frankly, some people need to learn about advertising networks and how they can easily generate money.

    The ads are annoying though... Ya, I know, that's why you give your users a feature to remove the ads or something - why? Most pet sites selling cash shop items or accounts upgrades, so that's useful too.

    And besides Slash wrote a blog post on monetized your petsite and she discussed a few things as well, like this:
    She's right as well - it's all up to you though, its your business - if you turn your pet site into one.

    So, what does everyone think about this post? Let's discuss.
    Your banner/button can be located here for an entire month or year, please see our advertising on virtualpetlist thread for more information.

  2. I know mara has some Adsense ads, but are you aware of what the others are?
  3. Ya, they're running http://www.tribalfusion.com/
    They're program policies are below http://www.tribalfusion.com/publishers/benefits
  4. Ah okay. I have always been curious. Marapets is a fun site, they just need to take some ads out, really difficult to play at times.
    I am currently using Chitika ads on my sites. tried bidvertiser, didint like it, clicksor, I liked, but my users complained that they were getting popups, even when popups were turned off for that ad box.
  5. Why would they remove the ads when they're earning revenue to pay for advertising on Google adwords and re-investing into the game? Ian was gone for awhile, but he has money to re-invest into Marapets. Heck, I believe there was a rumor going around a year or two that Marapets generated $500k+ in one year. So, if you owned Marapets, would you remove the ads? Or would you keep them up to earn more money?

    Marapets also has account upgrades - so that's another revenue source for them. Why do you think Neopets has sponsored games? Why do you think they have merchandising? More revenue sources.

    Pet games = money, they're an entertainment/virtual world site - so that means, people are going to play, so your traffic = your money. Sure, you can have one revenue source - which is, cash shop or account upgrades/premium accounts, but what happens if users stop donating and your players online list jumps?

    What happens then? You don't have money to pay for things, so of course, the advertising networks that you use = your money.
  6. Personally I am not a money fussed person, so If it inhibbited by users enjoyment I'd try and fix that, as long as the site still payed enough to continue developing it.
  7. I don't plan on putting any outside site ads on my site at all. I hate them so why should I place it on my users who I'm sure hate them as well? Not worth it, if you ask me.
  8. http://www.burstmedia.com/

    A few ad sites for you to check out. You can daisy-chain your ad system so that it'll always serve up the ad network with the highest CPM. If no ads from that network are available to be served, it'll go down the daisy chain to the next-highest paid and so on and so forth. Very handy! You can slap an adsense or a project wonderful on the bottom of the chain if you so desire.

    I agree that ads can be annoying, but if they're no-sound and well placed, then I will deal with them. Take PA for example: http://www.penny-arcade.com/ (note that this comic has some NSFW humor, but the front page should be fine. :) ) Their main page has two ads, with their comic pages having a single ad. The ads are built into the site design and placed in such a manner as you wouldn't accidently click them. They don't affect your navigation. They don't make noise.

    I took a look at Marapets and their ads have the problem of being puzzle pieced together and nestled among the site's navigation. They're so in-your-face that you can't get away from them and focus on the content. (mind, I do not have an account. This is my impression based on the main page.) The site's content seems entirely boxed in on all sides but one by ads. O_O

    I don't think that there's a problem with having ads on a site. The ads can often help balance a growing site's server needs: As the amount of traffic increases, so does the site's need for more memory, bandwidth, and disc space. But if you have ads, as traffic increases, so does the amount of ads you serve up and thus your income. So having ads on your site can balance site growth and the servers should virtually pay for themselves without any need for users to spend their personal money on cash shop currencies. This means that more free content can be funded, and that more pages can probably be viewed while logged off.

    With ads, sites can offer more free content than non-ad sites because all page views generate income, not just special items.

    Of course, you could always build a site that offers a combination of tasteful-ad quantity and placement AND cash shop currency. Users who don't want to deal with the ads*** but still want to support the site could purchase a premium account for a low fee that would remove ads and perhaps have a few perks to it as well. :) The purchasing of the premium account should be an amount that offsets the potential lost-revenue from the lack of ads for that user. Of course, all users are different, so finding that the fair-premium-account price would take some feeling-out.

    ***...or those users turn on ad-block and the site generates $0. If you did good ad-placement and filter out sound/video ads (most good ad networks allow you to do so), there should be no NEED for the user to have to do this and still have an enjoyable experience.
    #8 Undel, Mar 23, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2011
  9. I know ads generate more income, but to me, it's not worth the extra money. I'm not in the petsite making business to make money. I'm in it to make my longtime dream come true which is to make my own petsite that myself and others can enjoy :)

    My site will have a cash shop, but I don't plan on taking any of that money for myself. It will all go back into the site. As for premiums, my site won't have any :3
  10. Personally I think that ads are a dead base now, especially since ABP. I use that and never see the ads.

    If I had a site I would at least try and be a millionaire first. Because I know that a Cash shop alone could not keep the site afloat.
  11. That's why you buy 80k unique's that are targeted to perform well on your site. If you want to advertise on google adwords go after keywords like: virtual pets, virtual pet sites, virtual pet game...etc. They also have representatives that will help you set up your first ad campaign.
  12. Using ADP is despicable. This is no different than stealing. A lot of time and money goes into the creation of websites and games, and it isn't free to run these sites.
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  13. VPL is doing 24k monthly visits/month.
    If I had the money, I'd launch an advertising campaign/;)
  14. Baw moar.

    I have a right to see a site how I want in my own browser. Take this up with ABP then. It's like me watching television on demand. I watch it on the net or I record the show and fast forward through the ads. I don't see an issue.

    It isn't free to run sites no, but where in the TOS of a free site does it say I have to see the adverts, or I'm 'stealing'. I'll donate to the Cash shop if I deem the site worthy, if not, well tough.
  15. Most websites that show TV shows on the internet is actually illegal unless it's a website like Hulu.com whey I'm sure they sign contracts with the show to have the rights to show it. TV advertisement it completely different from website ads, they already paid for the ad to appear on tv, you recording it and fast-forwarding doesn't matter to them it will still appear on your screen you're just fast-forwarding. Website ads get paid only when they are viewable and/or clicked on.
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  16. What exactly gives you the right? Do you think you are that special? Yes, it is stealing. Most sites don't have a "cash shop" anyway, they rely 100% on advertisements. Unless you would rather pay to go to every website you use.
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  17. Some pet sites have the "cash shop"/account upgrades along with advertisements. Why? It increases your site's revenue. Marapets/Rescreatu both have CPM ads running and Verpets is using an affiliate network - you do offers, and get some site currency. Neopets does this as well = easy site income.

    Adsense is also fine for certain pet sites because the more traffic you have, the more money you make from ad networks.
    Marapets has a premium adsense account. Thanks to the amount of traffic they generate on a daily basis.

    And plus, if you're not a business owner, or a pet site owner, then how do you know what'll make money and what doesn't? James has a point - its stealing using ad block - but then again, we don't watch TV if it has commercials, do we? Advertisements are there to help the site generate more income.

    What if users stopped donating and buying cash shop items? How would you make money? I know Project wonderful is also good to sell in-house ads, and plus, on a pet site that's very popular - ads should sell for like $100/day or more than that. Why? Traffic is key to a pet site's success - especially if its to earn money.

    Take a look at Neopets - they have sponsored games - so they make money from that as well. Imagine if you had a sponsor that said "Have your users play my game, earn $200/day" something like that.

    Neopets is very popular for the sole fact - it still generates a ton of money, can we beat that business perspective? Probably not, but we can make pet games earn more money. Subeta has a system designed where its users can buy ads - and advertise their shops/profile, which is pretty unique.
  18. No more stealing than getting money off forcing people to view crap on your site. Since it wastes processor cycles, bandwidth, and RAM to load those ads. And then the fact that most advertising sites serve ads that cram your browser for zombie cookies (cookies that are stored in multiple places at once and that are auto-revived when some of the cookies parts are deleted) which are then used to collect anonymous usage statistics.
  19. God forbid the networks from wanting to show you ads that you might actually be interested in, how terrible of them!
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  20. God forbid users use ad block because they don't want to see them!

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