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Women's "Boyfriend" turns out to be a Women

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Toxic Rainbow Kisses, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Story can be found here

    Ow, can we say splinters.

    Talk about skeletons in your closet.

    Poor nicole.
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  2. Yeah, I've seen so many of these stories... It's really creepy but... obviously people don't really pay much attention to their partner. I know there wont ever be any secrets like this when I get married.
  3. I know, when i read that i was like.. HOW WOULD YOU NOT KNOW. I could understand... maybe if its months a few months... but YEARS.
  4. Amazing she lasted so long.
  5. OH COME ONE, "modified wooden toilet paper holder" ?? Are you kidding me? And she couldnt tell the difference?

    Thats awful...
  6. Exactly, and its crazy how she couldn't tell the difference. Sickening really.
  7. Maybe it was her first boyfriend..or girlfriend..whatever xD
  8. LOL, maybe she never had sex before her Samantha/Lee friend.
  9. That's nothing to make fun of about her though if it was their first love. So what?
  10. @ErdeErde
    I don't see anyone making fun of her?
    #10 Toxic Rainbow Kisses, Oct 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  11. Wow... That's so wrong. She must feel so hurt :(
  12. Haha!!! That sucks!

    This is definitely something that would be on Maury or Jerry Springer though
  13. I had someone telling me about this last year, for one thing it was someone who didn't like me much but they were saying how this Lee guy didn't like getting naked for people (like I don't), Lee never asked for a blowjob (like I never have) and Lee doesn't have facial hair (and I don't).

    And I said to this guy 1. Dax has seen me naked, 2. I have a gf why would I go round asking random strangers for blowjobs, 3. I have no hormones and facial hair comes through hormones. :p :p :p He hasn't said anything about it since. XD
  14. i can not explain how fucking angry this makes me except by saying
    just because lee does not have a penis does not mean lee is a woman

  15. The fact is, if you're dating someone, you should find out anyways. If you're dating, its not hard to tell your partner, hey send me a naked picture and I'll send one as well. lol
  16. I don't need pictures of nekked bodies, who knows where they can end up.
  17. Oh my gosh, exactly. I don't get why people even do that. D:<

    And on the topic, people should always be honest with their gendering because a lot of people are pretty picky about which gender they prefer. (lying is icky)
  18. Why have a picture when you can have the real thing?
  19. something tells me u have 'sex' and 'gender' confused

    because some people are in long distance relationships and sending nudes to their partner is a form of intimacy
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  20. @uglytrollsuglytrolls- Yeah, I did, but I usually prefer to use gender over sex. (cause I can be pretty immature and I am more comfortable in using gender-though it might not be one hundred percent accurate)

    As for the reply to @SpunkiSpirouSpunkiSpirou, I don't think that is a good enough reason to sext. :/ It'll desensitize the viewer and interactions might be weakened when they are together. Plus, there is no garuntee that no one else will ever see the photo. :/
    #20 Dawnshadow, Jul 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013

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