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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kaze, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Heyo, I thought I might join this site. I was pleasantly surprised to see the name Kaze untaken C:
    Anyways yeah hi, I enjoy playing pet sites. I'm mostly just active on Aywas now, though.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Hello Kaze, that's a really good name I as well am surprised. I'm Ajax, welcome to VPL. How are you?
  3. Thanks c:! Maybe there are just less Kaze's in the world noww pfbb.
    And I'm alright, how about yourself 0:
  4. Yea I suppose so. Doing fine just browsing the site.
  5. That's cool u v u. I was thinking of selling art here, but I'll need to make more examples, first.
  6. Yes this is a good place for that. How many examples do you have now?
  7. I basically just have my regular art and then art for a pet site i'm working for/in/at/whatever ; v ;....
  8. O OK, you can use those examples unless it's in dev state. Whats the site name?
  9. Kaylluuuune c: but yeah, they're still in dev oTL
  10. O I used to work there lol.
  11. Why used to :c?
    And yeah, your username is familiar, and I'm pretty sure you were mentioned before lol u vu u
  12. I was going through things and could provide the graphics needed. Lol, Yea yours does as well
  13. Welcome to VPL. We're happy to have you here. Aywas is a pretty good game, what's your favorite features there?:cool:
  14. Thanks! Probably the custom-pet thing. It's a good way to make moneyy ; w ; And stufff yeah.

    Hi! How are you o w o
  15. I'm an aywas member too! And I'm alright, if not a little sleepy.

  16. Oh cool! What's your ID :3c?
  17. So, I've heard. ^.^ Do you like the adventure system over the former explore system?
  18. #145 :3 I share it with my lair mate Ambie
  19. I'm pretty impartial to both, tbh ; v ;. I started with the old explore system, but I like both equally! Howeever, leveling and overpowered monsters in Adventure were terrible... (but that got fixed?) I usually make my lair partner do all of the exploring/adventuring anyways orz.

    Ohh nice C: I'm thinking about moving into a 3 digit account, but that means wasting more gp orz
    I'm 2714 with my partner Kyanriii u w u! You have some really cute customs q v q Did you participate in scav?

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