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Xbox 360, PS3, or both?

Discussion in 'Talk Gaming' started by Statik, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. I know a lot of people are either a Xbox 360 or PS3 fan, but I am a fan of both. I had both, but I sold my PS3 with my old Xbox 360 to get a new Xbox 360 Slim. The PS3 is getting a lot better games now though, so I am planning on grabbing another PS3 soon.
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  2. I have an Xbox 360 and the boyfriend has a PS3. He enjoys the sports games, I enjoy shooter games. I like both, PS3 tends to have better graphics and took awhile to have a large game selection, but Xbox has a much better multiplayer online community and it's so much easier to play games with your friends with an Xbox. Will probably continue to have both systems in the house. :)
  3. Xbox 360 to me is good for one thing and one thing only....Halo. Even though I cannot believe how badly Halo 3 failed compared to Halo 2. I'm sorry people but H2>H3. PS3 dominates for everything else. I think probably because I grew up on the PS1 & PS2. Especially playing Tiger Woods.
  4. I tried the box but didn't like since there are not a lot games for I like. It's more a guy's machine.
  5. Voice 1:

    The PS3. Nearly every game on the 360 that interests me also has a PS3 version, and the PS3 has exclusive titles that are of great interest to me (Disgaea, Ratchet and Clank, etc.) The PS3 also lets me stream Netflix without having to pay an additional monthly fee for the privilege (unless this has changed on the 360 end), and functions as a Blu-ray player, should I ever happen to acquire such an item. While there are a few downloadable titles exclusive to the 360 that catch my interest, those aren't worth purchasing an entire console just for them, and even most of those have gradually been ported over to the PS3.

    I can't personally logically justify having both, and all the advantages for what I want seem to go to the PS3.
  6. There are more games for me on 360, and better online. I mean I played GTA online for xbox, and there were loads of people had great fun, when I stayed at my parents I went on my brother's, and there was hardly anyone ever on? Unless I missed something, because I don't usually use that? It's great that there is FF and MGS going to be on 360 now too..these would have been the games to make me invest in a ps3 if any games were.
  7. i have both consoles,i dont care with the slims.. :)

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