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    What has Dappervolk done to raise so much money?

    I've been following Dappervolk since before it was named Dappervolk. So I'll give you the deets as I understand them. All from an outside perspective btw, I'm not a VIP person or staff or anything. Just a player/lover/follower whatever. So the owner of the website is named Anji (she also has...
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    What pet sites have the best battle stadium?

    I really like Neopets battledome honestly. I think it works pretty well and is visually appealing :)
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    Methods of making points

    I think I probably prefer questing and selling items received from quests. I really hate the flash (or what are they now HTML5) games. I'm ok with restocking for places that allow it and have a good policy for dealing with cheaters so it's fair.
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    What new pet sites have you been playing lately?

    Everyone should definitely be checking out Dappervolk if you haven't already. It's definitely the best petsite we've seen come to the table in a decade. Enjoying it SOOO much. Here is a referral link if anyone wants to check it out :) I might...
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    What tv shows are you a fan of?

    I play television shows all day every day man. While I'm cleaning, working... when I'm falling asleep lol. I love sooooo many. To name a few though: The Dragon Prince Young & Hungry Lucifer Gossip Girl New Girl The Vampire Diaries Jane the Virgin Roswell New Mexico - Might be my fave atm. The...
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    What’s your favorite video game?

    Animal Crossing and Pokemon :) (Switch - but all version of both really)