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    Coronavirus and social distancing

    My wife is a restaurant worker, those were the first to get shut down here. I do resale, lately been on estate clean outs. Will probably have to wait out for the economy to reopen before I can finish those jobs, maybe in a couple weeks we'll see.
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    What inspired you to create your own pet game?

    Some of the code and art made, not as far a playable site, someone randomly made an offer and I sold what I had. It was far lower than it was worth, but I was a kid and didn't know better.
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    What’s your favorite video game?

    Crash Bandicoot on the Switch, bought it for my son I play it sometimes too.
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    How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

    Usually 3-5 bottles of spring water.
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    What are you currently listening to?

    A funny coronavirus song.
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    Whats the last movie that you watched?

    Ford v Ferrari
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    Coronavirus and social distancing

    My wife is out of work from the shut down order and business from my local customers is way down. How's it going for you @cpvr
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    Selling Item Artwork

    Thanks for the eggs Travis!
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    Selling Item Artwork

    Those elemental eggs look great, I'll buy them at $20 for all 4.
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    What inspired you to create your own pet game?

    Growing up with Pokémon yellow and so on, then Neopets and others later, started with trying to make an rpg game 15 years ago, then onto petsites.
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    What do you look for in a website layout?

    I like layouts designed to be as simple as possible, no friction at the start of joining to understand where everything is. The layout also needs to function just as easily on mobile browsers as it does anywhere else.
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    Advertisements on pet sites

    Luxury type of upgrades that improve playing experience without giving away the competitive parts of the game.
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    Advertisements on pet sites

    With how annoying ads usually are to the players, I think getting creative with account upgrades is much better for player experience and for the game.