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    Misticpets is inactive. Staff have lost contact with zara

    I would love to shed some light on what happened to lead to Mistic's decline and the eventual exodus of the entire staff. (Apologies if this gets ramble-y. I've been running on fumes all day) For those that don't know me, hi! I'm Raichurules. The same Raichurules who made the news posts above...
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    Hey, cpvr! There are a few things I can say lead to Mistic's decline, a few of them being before Zara's (the owner) disappearance. I'll go dump about it over on your other post since I've found it, it might get a little long. In my notes I've been calling my site XoticPets, but I haven't taken...
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    Hey, people! I'm Raichurules, but you can just call me Rai or Raichu if you want. I didn't realize VPL had come back around but caught sight of it while on a Google search for something else. I haven't been very active in the petsite community for a while, and people might not recognize me from...