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    Show off what you’re working on

    List of my mods in the last yr or so for a engine called Gangster Legends.
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    I invest 100-200$/week in various things. Mostly FAANG or Green Energy, Elon Musk. As soon as i get the vibe bitcoin will rise again, ill probably dump all stock and all in on bitcoin. Something i almost spent a thousand on when it was $13/coin. Id be rich AF now-a-days if i did that.
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    If you have not entered a referral yet, I think you still may be able to depending how long to been a member.
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    So lately I been using cash app to get paid for my the work. They do not take any fees out. Some I am banned I had to find an alternative and with no fees, it's always a bonus Below is a link with my referral link. With both get $10 for your registering, but you have to spend $5, but who cares...
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    Looking Seeking Coder (Laravel/PHP)

    This is something is be interested in. I can't really give a quote on my pay, but you can message me the feature and how much your pay and I'll accept or decline. Most likely, ill accept.
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    Buying Colored/Icon Artist

    The old VPL would have had 10 offers by now.
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    This is a game I would love to become a developer of.
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    Buying Colored/Icon Artist

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    Buying Colored/Icon Artist

    I am going to be using a bunch of free icons such as these that need coloring or a little word on it such as +100 exp, +1000exp, ECT. Any takers and price? I believe this should be a bit cheaper then having the icons designed and colored. This will be an ongoing project.
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    Buying Buying birdview neighborhood map

    Anyone able to create a some birdview neighborhood map like the ones in these Google image search? I don't need the buildings on the map, but I do need the placeholders for buildings. If you could draw buildings for the placeholders, that would be a bonus, but not a necessity. First, I want...
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    Announcing Pereia! A new exploration pet RPG!

    Sounds great, much like what I had in mind.
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    Announcing Pereia! A new exploration pet RPG!

    How does one travel? What type of battle system you using?
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    Buying Old Item Art

    If anyone has any old item Art, I might be interested in buying it if you want to sell them. Post or message me
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    Looking for writers

    I'm interested
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    Buying BG / Item Artist

    A BG scene like this, but would like a bed in it. Then the items created would be used for users to stick in the room