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    Seeking recomendations

    I don’t know how many options are still out there, but I’m looking for recs on “traditional pet sites” like neo,Mara,subeta etc… seems like breeding based sites are what’s dominating right now. I like the breeding sites ok, but I’m impatient, and get bored with all the waiting pretty quickly. I...
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    What pet sites do you miss that are no longer online?

    I still greatly miss Celendria, very small, but the community was so good.
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    Hey! I’m returning after a few years

    I used to be active on here, no idea what my old account even was haha. I’ve been getting back into pet sites, trying to find some new stuff since I don’t have much faith left in Neopets…So far I’ve been back on Flight Rising and Subeta. I’m hoping I can find some cool new sites to check out, it...