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  1. Boltgreywing

    Koalabat character Radar song

    I decided to create a simple song for my koala bat character Radar. I am trying to figure out the lyrics for this. So I am bit new to this. My koalabat character song
  2. Boltgreywing

    VPL Update Update 1.0.1

    Always something new to look forward to on this website. :)
  3. Boltgreywing


    Welcome Raichurules to virtual pet list. :) The axolotl kind of reminds me of the new mob that just got added to minecraft 1.17. It seems like quite the cool concept for a virtual pet site though.
  4. Boltgreywing

    Coffee or tea?

    Nice. I really do like your avatar by the way sidefury. I typically don't put honey in my tea, I prefer it plain.
  5. Boltgreywing

    What does your alias/username mean?

    I decided to call myself Boltgreywing after the name of my electric bat character. I kind of need a username that I would identify with and so Bolt kind of stuck.
  6. Boltgreywing

    What new pet sites have you been playing lately?

    For me it has been Marapets as its been my go to for quite a while.
  7. Boltgreywing

    How did you find the first pet site that you’ve ever played?

    For me I started Neopets September 13, 2002. My Scorchio is 6,932 days old and my Pteri is about the same age. My brother and I played it quite a bit we were younger. We kind of searched around the web for stuff to do on old dial up modems. Internet speed was not that great back then. It took a...
  8. Boltgreywing

    Favorite pet game?

    The games I tend to fall towards typically had to be the Stockmarket on both Neopets and Marapets. Marapets games would be chess, checkers, and Monty Escape because of how adorable it is. Neopets Chia egg game, ice cream factory, wack a staff member, the dino shooter game with a bazooka, pteri...
  9. Boltgreywing

    Advertisements on pet sites

    Thanks Cpvr. :) As far as journal ads will go, it will be virtual pet currency either emeralds or points with a 5 - 10% return to the central bank.
  10. Boltgreywing

    Make pages visible when they need to be

    As far as shops go items in shops can change at a moments notices, even if an item is in the shop at one point in time it could be gone the next. I try to avoid having registration links on every page except the main layout, as it is always visible in the upper hand corner. The only stuff that...
  11. Boltgreywing

    Misticpets is inactive. Staff have lost contact with zara

    It was certainly an interesting website, still I didn't really know much about the troubles that went on behind the scenes. I am building a website of my own, and maybe I can use this as a bit of a learning experience as to what to not do. For me I kind of want to make sure that there is enough...
  12. Boltgreywing

    What pet sites do you miss that are no longer online?

    I never got to play the game, but some of the creatures looked really cool. :) The closest I could come to them would be to have the players create their own pets and mons.
  13. Boltgreywing

    What inspired you to create your own pet game?

    The biggest contributors would have to be Amazing Island where you can create your own monsters, and Neopets. A couple other games would have to be Mobile Beast Telefang and Pokemon, both games are pretty cool. Telefang's battle mechanic is different than Pokemon in that your mons always switch...
  14. Boltgreywing

    What pet sites do you miss that are no longer online?

    I wonder how difficult would it be to bring back Cabbits, Misticpets, Boopets, PetRPG and Zetapets? I do remember using Misticpets, it did have a couple of nice features I think the pets, maybe the bank. I haven't really played too many pet sites outside of Neopets, Subeta, and Marapets.
  15. Boltgreywing

    Coffee or tea?

    Thanks Cpvr I am happy to be back. For me I have to say it would be green tea or peppermint tea.
  16. Boltgreywing

    Duelingpets Release Candidate 1 [Started]

    Duelingpets economy is going to be slightly different than most other pet sites. For instance the Central Bank known as the Dragon Hoard or Hoard for short doesn't create items, pets, emeralds, and dreyore out of thin air. Instead it is kind of reliant on users using services to fund its...
  17. Boltgreywing

    Advertisements on pet sites

    I was kind of curious how that would work. For the current version of my website, it wouldn't really fit all that much since ads are just restricted to just the journals. Plus the players would be the ones creating the ads. On the other side of the coin I wouldn't want my website cluttered with...
  18. Boltgreywing

    Show off what you’re working on

    Some of these items and pets look really cool. :)
  19. Boltgreywing

    Duelingpets Release Candidate 1 [Started]

    After finishing up my last Duelingpets Iteration 4 coding, I am now able to finally start on the release candidate phase of my website. I am going to be looking into solving the current bugs that my website has, as well as making the website look a bit nicer. This version will most likely not...
  20. Boltgreywing

    Coffee or tea?

    I never really liked the taste of coffee all that much so I either drink either tea, water or milk. I drink mainly milk for the most part, though I do drink tea in the afternoons. Its kind of nice to be back here though. :) Just been doing a lot of tinkering on my website and now the site is...