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    Timed restocks or random restocks

    I am a fan of timed restocks. They make it really easy to stalk the shops and it feels like of "jack pot-y" if I snag the rare item.
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    I'm Julia

    Hello Julia! Welcome to VPL : ) I hope to see you post more often!
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    Selling Pets Starter Bundle

    Those designs are so nice! You did an amazing job on them. Totally inspiring for me to do some personal doodle projects like that too 👀 Lets see how long it takes to get that on my list hah.
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    How did you find the first pet site that you’ve ever played?

    Hmmm my very virst Vpet that wasnt Neopets was Wajas. I honestly dont remember what I did to find it b/c I was 11 years hold when I did LOL. I probably googled it. I know that I used Apex for upvoting Wajas way back when.
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    Cash app is great! I use it for paying friends B)
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    I’m so glad this place is back!

    Hey y’all! It’s been a long time since I reared my head around these parts. I use to play sims under the alias Skywarp. I was super active on Petrpg. Totally made immature choices on there : p. I miss virtual pets so I figured to come back here. I hope to stay way more active than I was in the...