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  1. cpvr

    New here!

    Welcome to the community @Smallsie! How’s everything going for you? Are you looking for other games that are similar to flight rising? If yes, then I’d recommend dappervolk, aywas and subeta.
  2. cpvr

    Hi, I'm New!

    Welcome to the community @OurMasterAM. How did you find vpl? Did you find us on another website, social media or a search engine? Also, when did you start playing pet games?
  3. cpvr

    Neopets has been hacked

    Neopets recently became aware that customer data may have been stolen. We immediately launched an investigation assisted by a leading forensics firm. We are also engaging law enforcement and enhancing the protections for our systems and our user data. It appears that email addresses and...
  4. cpvr

    Advertisements on pet sites

    You’re welcome. It’s been awhile, but did you implement your journal ads feature?
  5. cpvr

    Misticpets Back Up?

    I wonder if misticpets is still under geekgirl’s servers. Since there hasn’t been any news from zara since mistic came back online.
  6. cpvr


    What stocks are you currently investing in? Also, what coin do you think is the best to invest in(long term)? I recently sold all my dogecoins and reinvested what I had in doge for shiba inu coins.
  7. cpvr


    Welcome to the community @Aly. How long have you’ve been working in the web marketing industry? Do you have any advice or tips to share with an upcoming web marketer?
  8. cpvr

    Selling For Sale: ChibiPaws

    Ahh. I’m sorry to hear that. What’s the lowest price that you’ll accept for chibipaws and what’s the highest price that you’re looking to sell it for?
  9. cpvr

    Selling For Sale: ChibiPaws

    Is chibipaws still for sale? @Jared
  10. cpvr

    Long time pet sim fan, first time VPL user

    Welcome to the community @Kittybot! How’s the new development on ax coming along?
  11. cpvr

    Selling For Sale: ChibiPaws

    Good luck @Jared!
  12. cpvr


    Ahh. Can you tell us how your community felt about the addition of nft’s? I’ve noticed that a lot of players on neopets weren’t too pleased when they added nft’s, so I’d like to know if your user base was more welcoming to the addition or nft’s or not. Also, how has adoptme’s growth been over...
  13. cpvr

    Hello! Game owner here!

    Welcome to the community @tmn_creator! How’s your game doing? Have you added it to our directory of games yet? Showcase
  14. cpvr

    Seeking recomendations

    What’s the time limit on a pet dying if they’re on your profile? If a user stores one of their pets on rescreatu’s showroom feature, what type of care does their pet receive?
  15. cpvr


    Welcome to the community! @impulse How has adoptme been doing over the past couple of years? Are more users playing on a daily basis since you implemented the new adoptme?
  16. cpvr

    Kaleidoscope Pets : Kickstater and Beta Started!

    How’s your game’s kickstarter doing so far? What new things is your game offering?
  17. cpvr


    @stat Welcome to the community! How’s life treating you? What pet sites and sim games do you currently play?
  18. cpvr

    Hey! I’m returning after a few years

    Welcome back @RiotDeer! How’s everything going for you lately?
  19. cpvr

    Seeking recomendations

    Have you browsed through our Virtual pet games directory yet?
  20. cpvr

    Help Me Find A Mysterious Toy

    The only toys that I think fits your explanation are furbies or the brat dolls. If I’m wrong, do you remember what stores sold this toy? @lcdbrickgame