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  1. KiRAWRa

    Misticpets Back Up?

    Hey all, I happened to type into my browser today just for the hell of it, and to my immense surprise, the site loaded?? As far as I was aware, the site was dead. Offline for over a year, no contact with the owner Zara, and all the staff and users left. I see a post on [this...
  2. KiRAWRa

    Selling Pets Starter Bundle

    No idea what the VPS market is like nowadays, so I'm just testing the waters here. These were all made as part of a silly personal project but since I have no actual use for them, figured I could pass them off to someone who does! This is a diverse set of pets intended as a starter pack for a...
  3. KiRAWRa

    Guess Who's Back (Back Again)

    It's me, KiRAWRa! Seriously doubt anyone remembers me since I only posted once in a blue moon, but maybe you'll recognize me from Rescreatu or Aywas! Anyway hey, it's good to be back! I was cleaning out my folders this week and organizing my mountains of old VPS art from 2010-ish and it got me...