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  1. Sim


    So lately I been using cash app to get paid for my the work. They do not take any fees out. Some I am banned I had to find an alternative and with no fees, it's always a bonus Below is a link with my referral link. With both get $10 for your registering, but you have to spend $5, but who cares...
  2. Sim

    Buying Colored/Icon Artist

    I am going to be using a bunch of free icons such as these that need coloring or a little word on it such as +100 exp, +1000exp, ECT. Any takers and price? I believe this should be a bit cheaper then having the icons designed and colored. This will be an ongoing project.
  3. Sim

    Buying Buying birdview neighborhood map

    Anyone able to create a some birdview neighborhood map like the ones in these Google image search? I don't need the buildings on the map, but I do need the placeholders for buildings. If you could draw buildings for the placeholders, that would be a bonus, but not a necessity. First, I want...
  4. Sim

    Buying Old Item Art

    If anyone has any old item Art, I might be interested in buying it if you want to sell them. Post or message me
  5. Sim

    Buying BG / Item Artist

    I am not looking for fantastic art so this allows the artist to work a bit faster. I am releasing a mod for a game script. So i would like some art to go work it to show the full effect of it. I seen a mod where people could decorate there room with collectable items so this is mind if what I...
  6. Sim

    Pay to Play Gaming

    I been using this APP referral link. It has various games of all types that keeps track of how much time you have played them. You level up threw playing the games and aquire points. You turn your points into gift cards. I already received 2 10$ visa gift cards...
  7. Sim

    Android IDE PHP Editor

    Since I do not have a laptop or computer anymore I am in need of a editor for my Android cellphone. Does anyone have one to recommend? I would also prefer one if it can upload it directly to a server.
  8. Sim


    I am back again. I had a very similar incident like the one VPL had. I lost my game makers forum, oRPG Creator and all backup files related to the projects. I also seem to be locked out of my aim email since I can't login to my back up email. I've used this account for nearly 20 years. Once I...
  9. Sim

    Duels RPG

    Anyone ever play Duels RPG? It's an Android game. Very fun and interesting. It applies all the game concepts that I was trying to include in oRPG Creator. The travel system, inventory system, quest system and attack system. But in a much better way of displaying it. That is a game I will like...