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  1. Exabyss

    07/03/2020 Update Notes -Battle music has been added to the game -FAQ section added detailing elemental strengths and weaknesses. -Skill attack grids have been added to the individual pet pages. -Sign up page now has a space to put who referred you. More details regarding the referral system...
  2. Exabyss

    New updates: Passive Skills --- -All creatures now have passive skills that unlock up until level 20. These can be viewed on the skills section of your pet. Battle Controls --- -Attack and healing skills now binded to 1-3 keys. -End turn skill now binded to X and 0 keys. -Switching targets now...
  3. Exabyss

    This Wednesday and Thursday we will open up our gameplay to the public (original alpha content plus new changes to the game)
  4. Exabyss

    Small video preview:
  5. Exabyss

    It's been a while since we posted updates, so we thought we would let you all know that things are proceeding as planned. With the exception of the battle system, we have fully implemented music and sound effects into the game. The positive impacts of these are a lot bigger than we thought they...
  6. Exabyss

    Haven't updated this in a while, so here is a list of new updates: -Music has been added to the game -Sound effects have been added to the game -Began development of cutscene system -Minor graphical improvements to the battle system
  7. Exabyss Avatars

    5 new male hairstyles, 3 new facial hair styles, and 6 new female hairstyles are now available!
  8. Exabyss Avatars

    6 new male hairstyles, 5 new facial hair styles, and 4 new female hairstyles are now available!
  9. Exabyss Avatars Our avatar system has been released! You can access it from the Explore page and begin customizing your own character. More options are coming, don't worry!
  10. Exabyss

    New creatures released recently!
  11. Exabyss

    What are some good virtual pet games out there right now?

    I understand now! :)
  12. Exabyss

    What are some good virtual pet games out there right now?

    Sorry I missed this! Features are pet collecting + customization along with a unique battle system and mobile-friendly. This definitely isn't your standard pet game, we did things completely differently than other sites. We have been working on this for 1.5+ years in private before we began our...
  13. Exabyss

    The main method of obtaining pets is through summoning. You can only ever summon one pet of each species, so you never get dupes. Every one is a unique new creature.
  14. Exabyss

    Favorite music streaming app?

    I wouldn't support YouTube personally, Google has enough money :P
  15. Exabyss

    Website: Exabyss is a modern browser-based virtual pet site where you can collect creatures, battle and train your pets, and more. Story: As a citizen of Sanctum, the last bastion for human life, you have enlisted as an explorer. The Abyss is a vast and mysterious...
  16. Exabyss

    Favorite music streaming app?

    Spotify all the way, it offers a better user experience than Amazon music
  17. Exabyss

    Favorite music genre?

    I'm into pop mostly, I'm really digging Motivation by Normani right now (just dislike that Ariana Grande was involved)
  18. Exabyss

    Are you a fan of apple’s products?

    More of an Android guy here. I don't exactly dislike Apple, but I love my Blackberry Key 2 with the keyboard.
  19. Exabyss

    Why do I like weird things like handmade skull soap?

    Wow! This looks super cool, I don't blame you for digging it.