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  1. virtualpet

    I need some help redesigning my pet game's front page

    Oh hey Xanje, a couple of us play that. Just at a quick glance I'd say converting it into an image carousel or slideshow would be the best way to clean it up. You might just need to make some of the images about the same size as the "welcome to Xanje banner" and then stick them into there, then...
  2. virtualpet

    Hello! Re: Introduction

    We're redoing our intro because our old one was from 2020 and we haven't really used this site since, so howdy. The forum seems to be a little slower, but that's fine! We're a multiple system who grew up with petsites and continue to play them! We are a web development student graduating this...
  3. virtualpet

    Hi there!

    Hello! Looking at our Discord servers, I don't think too many of them got past the planning stage. I think the only one we were an artist for that was a public site was Shibaface awhile back? And yep the error message was for adding a front card
  4. virtualpet

    Hi there!

    Hello! We are a multiple system who enjoys virtual pet sites, we typically go by virtualpet or Anomaly on them! This is our first time on VPL. Our love of petsites didn't really kick off until about 2017, and from there we've joined several! They're a fun outlet for our system and we generally...