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    How can pet sites become mobile friendly?

    A lot of it just comes down to the css... sensible responsive breakpoints for desktop vs laptop vs tablet vs phone. Most modern front-end frameworks give great tools for this, and explain it all in their docs, but you can DIY it as well. It is not so much complicated in itself as you can...
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    Life has been honestly amazing for me!! I really only am actively playing Lioden these days, I stopped playing that game yeears ago but fell back into it randomly, really loving my time there. I do also log into Flight Rising every so often, it is one I always mean to get back into. :) Just...
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    I used to mostly lurk VPL back some years ago, I think my username was electronika. I am glad to see such a forum back again :) I love pet sites & sim games in general, always liked seeing new ones and general discussion of them.