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    Selling For Sale: ChibiPaws

    Hi! Curious to know a bit more about the state of ChibiPaws eg. is it in a critical state with bug fixes or requiring a revamp, etc? Sorry I don't know much on its history but the name rings a bell. Thank you
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    Selling Offering Services

    Looking for work, preferably on a feature completion or bug fix basis. Happy to work with any setup.
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    Selling Offering Services

    Offering programming services and also some graphic design. I tend to code in Javascript, jQuery, Angular (Typescript). I also dabble in PHP and have some experience with the PetGameFramework through my other work. I am comfortable working with APIs and looking through mySQL code during...
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    Hey, It might help if you add more details like: The type of website you want. Features that the website needs. Any frameworks/database requirements. Any mockups or design ideas you have. What your existing website looks like / where your website is going to be hosted. Ta :)
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    Are you a fan of apple’s products?

    Android allows you more customisations in terms of cracked software or modifications to the OS for better battery life, removable of bloatware, etc.
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    What’s your favorite social media site?

    My current account is about 4 years I think. But I did start looking when in university so that was actually around.. 8/9 years ago. I just never actually had an account. I'm not avidly into Tumblr but it has changed quite a lot since I used to use it properly (again, when at University)...
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    How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

    I've started drinking a lot more tea but I have cut down on fizzy drinks now at least.
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    Digimon Adventure Reboot Debuts New Trailer

    I'm kind of surprised it is being rebooted, considering it wasn't anywhere near as popular as Pokémon, but I think I might end up watching it (as I quite liked it), not sure what the reception will be like though.
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    VPL Update Update 1.0.1

    I really like it :) Obviously a little bright for my tastes still but it will be the only theme I use right now I think. I did like the colours on the other theme (magneta-ish?) But it was a bit buggy when I last used it so I haven't tried it since.
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    Where are you from?

    I've been planning it on and off for about a year or so but I only started development in January :)
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    What are some good virtual pet games out there right now?

    Thank you! I'll try over the weekend but I think I've also played both subeta and verpets in the past..
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    VPL Update Update 1.0.1

    Thank you so much @Evolution Not to be a pain but could we (eventually) have a night mode equivalent theme that will also work on mobile devices? Im predominantly on VPL on my phone - going to test out the grey theme in general for now though. :)
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    Dappervolk is aiming to launch in May 2020

    Damn that looks beautiful. :love: So, ive looked a bit more into their art and bundles and im soo tempted to buy their launch support bundles.. 😂 I love the Gaia feel to the art though and looking through their Instagram that have so much nice artwork going on. I also love the way their website...
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    How did you find virtual pet list?

    It wasn't bad thank you, yours?
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    How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

    I drank three cans yesterday but I've only had one today 🙄 ideally I don't want to drink more than 1/day but I will probably drink two glasses of tonic a night instead of coke/soda.
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    How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

    I hate the taste of water (I'm one of those people) but I drink squash every day at work. I probably only drink like.. 2-3 pints a day so that's probably nowhere near the daily suggestion. Unfortunately I've got into the habit of drinking sugar free coke and tonic water but I'm getting a bit...
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    So, what happened?

    Thank you for the transparency. I think I speak for a few of us when I say that we just want an honest account of what happened as we felt a bit left in the dark and abandoned, and even if we commit to VPL again - what's to say this won't happen again? It seems the circumstances were partly...
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    Failing SPF and DMARC on emails makes them appear as spam and phishing

    I'll get back to you on that in the future :)
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    What’s your favorite social media site?

    I use Reddit far more than I should - especially for topics like worldnews, the events in HK, etc, etc. Its just because there is a subreddit for basically everything. Apart from that, if something is trending // something important is happening I also follow Twitter - but ive never really...
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    How did you find virtual pet list?

    Good thank you!