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  1. Howey

    Sensipets: Happy Birthday Heffrad: Work it gurl

    Goooood morning SensiFolks!! While this isn't watermelon themed I hope that you have a sweet tooth! Today is @Heffrad's birthday! To celebrate Fresh Foods has some tasty treats for everyone! Make sure to share! Have you been looking for something to spend your tickets on? Introducing our...
  2. Howey

    Sensipets: Watermelon is an all-the-time snack

    Good morning SensiFolks! Another beautiful FRIDAY morning with some fun information to report! Clothing Inc. seems to be stocking more watermelon items! Catch them before they run out! In development news: There was a disconnect between our Database and Server thinking they were in...
  3. Howey


    Love this idea!! Welcome back!
  4. Howey

    Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes - Sensipets

    Morning all you beautiful digital denizens. If you haven't checked out Sensipets recently - now is the time to do so! Lots of things ramping up and quality of life adjustments. From New Human Avatars, to improved inventory management, to new content characters and profiles. Check them all out...
  5. Howey

    Timed restocks or random restocks

    Sensipets is doing timed for now. We’re exploring different types of stores having different types of stocking methods though.
  6. Howey

    Sensipets: Looking for a Human Avatar Artist

    Good afternoon pet site aficionados, Sensipets is back and we are ramping up to take the virtual pet world by storm. As part of our strategy we are realigning our art and the next big project is our human avatars. If you have experience with creating human avatar bases and features; please...
  7. Howey

    Looking for feedback for a new approach to VPS

    Hello everyone, I’m Howey, I’ve been around the VPS scene for awhile. Some of you may remember me or my pet site, Sensipets. We’re coming back, with a fresh coat of paint and a new approach to pet sites. Would appreciate any and all feedback on the approach and the interest level you have for a...