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  1. cpvr

    Android IDE PHP Editor

    Have you seen this site’s lists of android’s editors apps bro?
  2. cpvr


    Welcome to the community! How are you doing?
  3. cpvr

    How did you find virtual pet list?

    Welcome back! Same here! I wish we had previous backups as well. We will try our best to get more threads and tutorials back up.
  4. cpvr

    Hello hello!

    You’re welcome. I’m doing great! What have you been working on lately?
  5. cpvr

    Selling Item Artwork

    Good luck! @Travis
  6. cpvr


    I totally agree bro. This happened to us as well. I’m 100% sure that you’ll be able to build everything back up when you have the opportunity to do so again.
  7. cpvr


    Welcome back @Sim. Did you lose all your backup files because they were on your laptop? It’s the worst feeling ever when you lose backups:cry:
  8. cpvr

    Digimon World Remake Project

    This looks so cool and promising! Great job!
  9. cpvr

    Hello hello!

    Welcome back! How are you doing? I’ll look for some game related programming guides for you!
  10. cpvr

    Hi there! Old member here.

    Welcome back! How are you doing? I’ve been checking the stats on a lot of pet sites and it looks like that they’re still popular.
  11. Cyskasiberians


    Cyskasiberians is the most realistic virtual cat breeding sim game that's online today. Your virtual cats are interactive and 3d animated. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to love, care for and possibly breed your virtual cats. If you decide to breed your cats, you'll be able to watch...
  12. cpvr

    Epic Games launches a new publishing label for game owners

    The creators of Fortnite, Epic games has recently dived into the publishing industry. Epic Games' new publishing label actually helps game owners with the basic foundation of running a game. Such as, covering the owner's development costs and marketing costs. Source...
  13. cpvr

    Subeta review by Jay Archer

    Do you like dress up games and pet sites? Subeta is that site for you. As someone on the site I enjoy it greatly. It has a collecting system as well as pets and worlds to explore. It also has games to play if you're bored with exploring. Starting on September 17 2006 Subeta was started as a...
  14. Horse Eden

    Horse Eden

    Horse Eden is a sim game that's entirely focused on eventing, breed, train and show off your virtual horses in a dressage, jumping competition & cross country. In order to succeed on Horse Eden, you have to hire and train up new riders & it has a very unique show system. You can also build a...
  15. cpvr

    Favorite tv shows?

    What are your favorite tv shows? How long have you been watching these particular shows? Did you start watching your favorite tv shows on regular cable or on Netflix and/or Hulu? Currently, my favorite tv shows are: All American, queen of the south, the yard and Jessica Jones. So, what tv...
  16. Equiverse


    Equiverse is a virtual online virtual horse sim game where you can create, breed and show off your horses. As a horse owner, you're required to care for your horses, breed them and show them off. Equiverse has over 20 different breeds of horses and 2 million different genetic combinations...
  17. Wild Souls

    Wild Souls

    Wild Souls is an online fantasy wolf sim game where you're in charge of your very own wolf. Can you survive in the harsh and beautiful lands of Frekiheimr as you forge relationships, hunt, explore, and uphold the responsibilites of your rank in the pack or will you lose it all? Be sure to keep...
  18. cpvr

    Release Price Bug Fixed - Novilar

    There was a bug going around that increased the base prices of the pets released, we apologize to anyone inconvenienced, but that bug was fixed. The rates going forward are as follows: Adult pets unaffected by the Species and Marking bonuses will net you between 1,000 and 3,000 coins per...
  19. cpvr

    How did you find virtual pet list?

    Hey! Welcome back. How has your art career been doing lately?
  20. Furry Paws

    Furry Paws

    Furry Paws is a free virtual dog sim game where you can raise your own dogs and choose from over 200 different breeds & build your dog kennel from the ground up. You have the opportunity to master 16 different sports for your dog, build fame and try to become one of the most popular players...