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  1. Aragon Burner


    I started investing in crypto about 3 months ago or so. Ive only invested $100 so far, but that has grown by around $20 so I'm seeing a good return so far. I watch it go up and down and buy low... It can be quite addictive but i guess thats the point lol
  2. Aragon Burner

    Coffee or tea?

    OMG Team Coffee all the way! I must drink at least 12 cups a day. I'm semi retired so I hav lots of spare time through the day lol
  3. Aragon Burner

    Favorite music streaming app?

    well I have to be selfish here and promote my own music app lol. I'm the owner of a online radio station called Lil Rawkers radio, and we play family friendly music. We also have our own cell phone app for both Android and IOS devices. So I usually am listening to that if I'm not at the computer.
  4. Aragon Burner

    What's the last game you played?

    Me and my wife were playing Hogwarts Legacy lol It was actually a really good game. We have completed the quests and side misssions so now we are just going around killing trolls and goblins loll
  5. Aragon Burner

    Hello from Cali

    Hi there folks, I'mm Mitch aka Aragon. I'm Scottish but now living in california the past 11 years. Hope to chat with you all on the forums.