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  1. foxbuns

    How often do you charge your smartphone?

    once every 2-3 days
  2. foxbuns

    Selling Cynical Commissions/Work

    gorgeous art style!
  3. foxbuns

    Subeta review by Jay Archer

    How many of those 130k users are actually active?
  4. foxbuns

    Origami Pet Site Idea - Seeking Help?

    So an idea I've always had kicking around in my head and the big one that's always stuck with me is something paper/origami themed for a pet site. Something vaguely based on the concept of folding magical sheets of paper that "turn" into an animal. It's a multi-stage or evolution type of...
  5. foxbuns

    Buying BG / Item Artist

    DM me! I should be able to do a room w/ furniture and items/decor to place in it for you. examples -
  6. foxbuns

    Looking for pet artist

    hi! i'd be open to potentially taking on a project. my art site is :)
  7. foxbuns

    Selling Pets Starter Bundle

    super cute, would i be able to buy A + B + C + H please? also very interested in buying any unused sketches/concepts you might have lying around!
  8. foxbuns

    Artist w/ Petsite Experience For Hire

    my main website is - I can draw anything from items, to animals, to furries, to humans, all with nicely labeled, layered PSDs that are easy to re-colour. Ive been involved with various petsite and similar projects/sites ranging from gaiaonline to goatlings to aywas to furvilla. I'd...