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    Hello everyone!

    Hello Jack and welcome! And it's the same with me, my interest in petsites hasn't died after all these years.
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    new member here

    Oohhh that's a cool topic, sounds something like nintendogs but cats. and yes yes :)
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    :) hi

    Thank cpvr, glad things are well for you! I can surely say 2021 hasn't disappoint me yet haha, so that's good. Are you playing any petsites lately?
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    new member here

    HI luciel! Welcome to VPL! What is cat virtual and what's your thesis about? :o aku juga orang indo btw! haha agak kaget dikit
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    What’s your favorite video game?

    I haven't played a proper games other than mobile games for a longggg time, but harvest moon FOMT will always be my favourite game of all time. I'm very into farming and similar games, Harvest fishing/River King is also game I love very much, it's a PS2 game about going on fishing quests...
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    Looking for feedback for a new approach to VPS

    I'm not familiar with WoW, is pet-pets battle kind of like the random pokemon trainer encounter battles?
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    :) hi

    hello! I'm ribbid, or Reo/rea/reona a long time ago. An old VPL user, came back for the nostalgia and thinking about working on my old wip petsite again. Hope everyone's 2021 has been good so far! Also I really do miss being on forums like this, with discord being the forums of todays age it's...