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    Welcome, Prisma! Do you have a link to your pet site? I'd love to add it to my Discord for everyone to view.
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    Back again

    Ah, awesome! I'll add you guys to my Discord if you're interested. I try to get the word out for everyone.
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    Back again

    Hello! Nice to see ya. What pet site are you speaking of?
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    Welcome! Good luck with everything.
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    What new pet sites have you been playing lately?

    It seems Neo has had a lot of interesting things that has happened to many Neopet players. I haven't played VirtuRats, but I'd be happy to try it out.
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    I just joined. This looks promising. I look forward to even more updates!
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    Hi, I'm Psy

    Thank you, cpvr! I've been playing Marapets for 13+ years now. I think Dappervolk is a cute pet site that is still new in its endeavors, but it's definitely unique and addicting in its own ways. I am looking forward to future updates. What pet sites do you play?
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    What pet sites do you miss that are no longer online?

    It was fairly new at the time but I miss PetRPG. The owner abandoned the site. I used to be a moderator there for a short time and resigned after I saw the inactivity. It really was a lot of fun, though.
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    What new pet sites have you been playing lately?

    I've been playing Dappervolk. That's the newest one. How about yourself?
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    How often do you charge your smartphone?

    Usually, once a day. I carry around my portable charger just in case. I have an iPhone SE.
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    What’s your favorite video game?

    I personally have to say the Alice American McGee series and Sims.
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    Whats the last movie that you watched?

    The last movie I watched is Twilight which is on the channel Freeform right now.
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    Hi, I'm Psy

    I currently play Dappervolk and Marapets. I own a Discord server for Virtual Pet Players to play and chat. It's nice to meet you all. :)