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  1. Boltgreywing

    Duelingpets Release Candidate 1 [Started]

    After finishing up my last Duelingpets Iteration 4 coding, I am now able to finally start on the release candidate phase of my website. I am going to be looking into solving the current bugs that my website has, as well as making the website look a bit nicer. This version will most likely not...
  2. Boltgreywing

    Make pages visible when they need to be

    When your designing a site some users go about their day locking off pretty much every feature behind a login functionality. The problem with this method is it makes it harder for guests who are coming to your site for the first time to get a sense of the place. While yes the homepage is...
  3. Boltgreywing

    Hi there

    I am Boltgreywing I was on virtualpetlist prior to it going offline which was a couple years back. I am the game owner of the virtual petsite Duelingpets. I decided to check on this group again since I heard its back up and running. I remember there was a lot of really interesting articles back...