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  1. Fuzzball

    Intro to Fuzz

    @cpvr Oh dear, let me see... These are the ones I have bookmarked: FlightRising, Furvilla, Subeta, Icepets, Wajas, Chickensmoothie, Goatlings, Rescreatu, and DragCave There are a few not bookmarked and some that ARE bookmarked aren't visited as often as others. I'd say currently my most visited...
  2. Fuzzball

    Intro to Fuzz

    Hello, I figured I should make an introduction, but I'm not really sue what to put here? I've been a member of many VPS; you may know me as Rayquaza, Fuzzball, TheFuzzball, or Fuzball89. Anyway, here I am. Nice to meet you all lol!
  3. Fuzzball

    What pet sites do you miss that are no longer online?

    The #1 site I miss is Nutrinopets. Others are NeuroGalaxy, DragonAdopters, Valenth, and Kaylune.
  4. Fuzzball

    How did you find the first pet site that you’ve ever played?

    My first VPS was the classic Neopets, and I remember exactly how I found it. I searched "Create a Pet", which was, of course, how you make your Neopet. My intention, however, was to find flash games where you can mix and match a bunch of animal parts to "make your own animal". But I ended up...