Virtual Pet Games

Virtual pet games have been around since 1996. Adopting, raising and caring for a virtual pet are the main features of an online virtual pet site. Our free pet game directory helps users across the globe find new fun and entertaining virtual pet games to play & mobile digital pet games. If you see a virtual pet site that isn’t listed yet, we’d greatly appreciate it if you submit it to our pet sites directory. Also, please feel free to discuss your favorite online pet sites in our Virtual pets forum.
  • Powerpets

    Powerpets allows its users to adopt, raise and care for over 60 different virtual pets. Its users can also set up an aquarium, decorate it and...
  • Eliyo

    Eliyo is a fantasy world ripe for exploration. Play as an adventurer gaining loyal companions, pets, by capturing or breeding elons.
  • Marapets

    Marapets is a pet site that has a wide variety of lands to explore, pets to adopt, and quests to do
  • Rescreatu

    Rescreatu is a pet game where you can hunt for eggs
  • Icepets

    Icepets is a pet game that has an icey theme.
  • Flight Rising

    Flight rising is a dragon-themed virtual pet game
  • Aywas

    Aywas is a colectible virtual pet site for older teens and adults

    Website: Exabyss is a modern browser-based virtual pet site where you can collect creatures, battle and train your pets...
  • Verpets

    Verpets is a virtual pet game that has been around for awhile