virtual pet

  1. Howey

    Sensipets: Happy Birthday Heffrad: Work it gurl

    Goooood morning SensiFolks!! While this isn't watermelon themed I hope that you have a sweet tooth! Today is @Heffrad's birthday! To celebrate Fresh Foods has some tasty treats for everyone! Make sure to share! Have you been looking for something to spend your tickets on? Introducing our...
  2. Gashu

    Hand Held Virtual Pets

    I thought I'd start a thread about hand held virtual pets (Tamagotchi, Digimon Digivices, etc). What have you got? I'd love to see your collections! I have a very tiny collection since the ones I want tend to run on the more expensive side sadly. The dark side of wanting Digimon merch! I am...
  3. Anoua

    Badges, Background, and More!

    A handful of updates went live yesterday for Eliyo. Badges You can now find badges around the site. Badges can be favorited so that they show up on your forum posts and your user profile. Currently there are 8 to find, with many more planned! I won't tell you how you acquire them, so play...