1. Evolution

    VPL Update Update 2.0

    Hello everyone, This has been a very long time coming. Virtual Pet List has had a significant update. Somethings include - New forum layout - New Theme - New Options for users in their profiles (links to other sign-ons) - New ways to create threads - Discussions, Polls, Articles and Questions...
  2. Evolution

    Interview with Starkitten, Owner of Xanje.com

    What are some of your hobbies and interests? Mostly creative pursuits such as art and writing, and I also have a long running interest in biology, particularly genetics and evolution. What inspired/motivated you to create Xanje? It grew out of a desire to bring to life a lot of the creatures...
  3. Evolution

    What are you currently listening to?

    What are you currently listening to? Feel free to post whenever, double posts are allowed. :)
  4. Evolution

    VPL Update Update 1.0.1

    Good morning VPL Members and Guests, I have pushed out our first big update since we launched VPL. Somethings are still to be done and if you see anything that needs attention please let me know in this thread. Updated Software Installed some User Rank Icons Developed new clean grey theme...