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Adele is having a baby with Simon Konecki

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Great news for Adele, she's had a lot of success and bringing a baby into this world is even more special.


    Congratulations to Adele and her boyfriend!

    What does everyone think about this?
  2. I am really happy for her. She is a nice person I think besides the swearing.
  3. Mind = blown. i had no idea you were offended by swearing. Never meet me in real life, then. xDD

    Good for Adele, though I'm sick of hearing about her. D: Her music is all over the radio here, and every site I go on a user has posted lyrics of at least three of her songs.. Very annoying, especially being I am so tired of ROLLING IN THE DEEEEEEEEEP and hearing about RUMOR HAS IT and DOUSING PICTURES IN FLAME.

    My man likes it, too. Drives me 10x more crazier than I already am about this..
  4. The only song I like from Adele is Set Fire to the Rain. But now it's getting overplayed on the radios here. :U
    (Just how I liked Moves Like Jagger & Maroon 5 before it / they went mainstream.)
    My mom LOVES Adele, LOL.
  5. Same, same, same, and same. I also knew Moves Like Jagger before it went mainstream. Same with Adele's songs.

    Yeah, overplaying Set fire to the Rain is the start of it, I guarantee. You're better off listening to your iPod for a few months until Adele dies out for like a new Britney Spears song, lmao!! I'm kidding, but that's how my region is >_<
  6. oh my goodness can we be even more similar?? xD LOL.

    Yeah I'm resorting to listening to my iPod and streaming radio stations from places away from much North American music influence. :p
    I read "region" as "religion" lmao. xD That's how tired I am. I'll probably go to sleep now, haha.

    Britney Spears. Dear lord, please don't start. xD

  7. Oh I am fine with swearing. Just the way she does it. :p
  8. I've pretty much established we're long lost siblings separated at birth. :3

    I should too, but here I am, posting to VPL. If it makes you feel better, I thought I wrote religion at first also, but then realized I had it correct as region. Woops.

    She was good when she started, but I dunno what has happened since then. Disney?
  9. @EvolutionEvolution Epic. <3 I think I know what you mean. Are you talking about a specific song she did? o-o
    #9 Gabby, Jun 30, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  10. Na watched a concert in London, after a song all she did was f this f that.
  11. You didn't take any pictures or videos of the concert?:style
  12. Na I watched it on DVD. :p
  13. @EvolutionEvolution Sneaky sneaky. I think I know what you mean though. I believe I've heard her slip a few on Youtube videos
    #13 Gabby, Jul 1, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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