Adopt Me Announces it’s new summer sale and a new pet


Staff member
Feb 7, 2020
The Adopt Me team has announced that there will be a summer sale, double bucks and pet ageing weekend plus a brand new premium pet.

The summer sale will start on 26th August at 4 PM BST and will end on 9th September. During this sale period, there will be discounts of up to 80% on pets, items and game passes. The brand new pet will also be discounted during the sale making it a perfect time to get hold of one.

The new pet will be the much-requested Axolotl which I’m sure you’ll agree is a cool looking pet to add to your collection.

Finally, there is the double bucks/pet ageing weekend. As the name suggests, whilst the event is live you will get double bucks for completing tasks and your pets will age twice as fast when you look after them. The event will run from 27th August until 30th August.
Source: Adopt Me Announce Summer Sale Details Plus A Brand New Pet, Watch The Video Now