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  1. Animated items seem to be popping out on a lot of sites these days, and I'd say they're pretty cool to have, but what's your opinion towards animated items? Do you think they're annoying? Do they hurt your eyes? Or do you think these animated items are a cool addition to a pet site?

    And also, what are some of the best animated items you've seen thus far? What about ones you'd say are pretty bad?
  2. They definitely don't hurt my eyes. I like them a lot in fact. Though I do wonder if 100's of animated items in one area would be annoying. I don't know the answer to that. So for now I like them :)
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  3. A few of them is fine, but a bunch of them make me dizzy;;;
  4. I think they're fun to have every so often for more special items. c:
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  5. They can be fun, but just for special items though.

    Like these:



    Yeah, old Neopets items! XD see here.
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  6. Fast flashing ones, like the kind that can cause epileptic things I don't like, but the odd one here and there look good.

    I don't have time to look through all of Subeta's items but I like their bobbleheads that move, like that one on Neopets of the Usul does.

    And I like this one too:
  7. If they are done well I like them.
  8. The bobble heads on Subeta are also pretty cool.
  9. I love to make animated items! I think they are really cool additions to petsites, and make for nice special items too. Especially for minipets. These are some of my fav ones I've done on NG:

    And some others from NG that I love:
  10. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We like them at Subeta.
  11. I like a few, but not too many.
  12. If done well and only on a few ocassions, sure! I love them a lot. But I don't like pages that are crowded with blinking, flashing, dancing, shining, sparkling, moving etc. animations. That just gives me a headache.
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  13. I like animated items if only special items are animated. I think it's annoying when a page is quite filled with so many different animations.
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  14. I think animated items unless the animation is so insignificant that you cannot really tell what was the point of it. There are some that are also really deceiving like this ability Slow on Paladore. Since my post count is too low, it is basically like the old dial-up speed when you were waiting for a huge file to load, but there are some animation items like the retro Neopets ones that classy as they are, just so long as they don't cause a trigger for epileptics and people with seizure disorders often seen on crappy "photoshopping" websites like Blinkee.
  15. I hate ones that go really fast. I prefer smaller/slower movements that don't make my eyes and brain hurt
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  16. I kinda like them, but with a slow connection, they can be evil little effers.
  17. Animated items are fine, but only in small doses. If the movements are small and almost 'discrete', then I think they are harmless and have nothing against them being there. :)
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  18. On the subject of animated art, the battle opponents for flight rising are looking really nice. They're animated and all.
  19. I have to disagree with you there I find the stiff and robotic. I really don't think the animation adds much to it then just having a bobbing static image. I kinda find them distracting with the way half of their body is static with limited moving parts more so with the ones in poses that convey movement.


    Notice how it's pose seems like it's in motion but only fins,mouth and ears are moving.


    However this is just my opinion and for other it may not bother them as much.
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  20. Your critique is on-the-mark. Thank you. The Bluefin Charger and the "zebra ram" are rather special... It's probably worth avoiding static action pose + twitchy bits for future sprites! :) We'll try and keep that in mind. The coliseum is the only place you'll see them animated sprites like this. Critters in our bestiary are static and there are no animated items.

    In regards to animated items.:
    I think animated items are sometimes pretty, but if I get too many animated items on a page that I'm viewing it does become a bit overwhelming. It's usually easier on the eyes to have static items, but I can see the appeal.
    #20 Undel, Oct 19, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2012

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