Anyone remember Virtualpups?


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Feb 14, 2022
I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this...Moderators feel free to move the thread. :giggle:

The game was still up last year, and I had been casually playing it. It was probably one of the first ever online games I had ever played. It was very popular back in the 2000's. It was sold to another individual, who had been working tirelessly on the website for years. He said he had some issues with his arm from what I remember and had to take it easy from coding etc. With just one person on the site and no future updates, it looks like it has been closed. :(

I can't even find the old discord server that they used to have :(. I check back from time to time to see if the website it back in the works.... the domain name is still there and this is the message that follows on it's only page:

"Virtual Pups
Welcome to one of the oldest MMOs in the world.
For years, players would breed and train dogs here, compete in events, and make real friends

Under Construction​

The site is currently shut down, but please check back in the future"

Does any one know what is going on with it? I would like to see a game revival ❤️