Aywas - Snapdragon ceremony challenge 2 begins


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Feb 7, 2020
Aywas’ snapdragon’s challenge part 2 is now here!

Well that was certainly a...." Minerva brushed a handful of stray snapdragon petals off herself with a small pause as she gave herself a look over for any more. "Plethora of snapdragons."

"It was! But we're going to need more!" Rowan happily replied, not looking at Minerva. Instead, her glances were at the once-empty venue. It was now filled with tables, chairs, balloons. Although still missing key portions for the Snapdragon Ceremony, it was beginning to take shape.

"More?" Minerva questioned. Rowan laughed and turned to Minerva, who had now raised an eyebrow in a bit of suspicion. "Are we missing something?"

"Can't have a ceremony without food and drinks!" Rowan added, with a tone that had a hint of 'duh, silly' added in it. "We'll need some champagne, ice cream, and ooo those mini heart-shaped pies!"

Minerva interrupted Rowan's listing off of delicious delectable goods. "And we're going to get those with snapdragons?" Minerva asked the question, but seeing how Rowan was still listing off more food they would need, she had already received her answer.


Once again, the challenges for this event will require you to collect different colors of Snapdragon. They will be available in pink, orange, green, blue, white, yellow, red, and purple, and your team leader will inform you of which one you need to turn in. If you hadn't noticed in the previous round, the color that your team leader requests will change once you hit a certain number of points. The amount of points will vary between the teams, as it's based on how many members are on your team. It may have seemed like purely a numbers game, but it's about being one step ahead of the opposing team in more ways than one! Go forth and use this knowledge wisely!

You will have until 6:30 PM AST on April 13th to accumulate points for your team for this challenge.

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